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Computer Intro

In March, 1989, Tim Berners-Lee created a new kind of “information management” system that ultimately formed the basis for the World Wide Web. What is it called? HTTP
What type of network creates a secure tunnel through the internet? Virtual Private Network
Who created the computer mouse? Douglas Engelbart
How can you pair Bluetooth devices? In Windows, access the control panel Press a button to make a device temporarily discoverable
When did Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak co-found Apple, and why? In 1976, to sell the Apple I personal computer
What kind of network is only for the use of people within the company? Intranet
Which of these is a type of network? Geographical range (WAN) Metropolitan area (Man) Peer to Peer (P2P)
What is the difference between an intranet and an extranet? One only allows access from within an organization while the other allows transfer of real-time information
What is an ISP? Internet Service Provider
According to the “History of the Internet” video, what protocol created the standard which guaranteed compatibility between networks and merged them, thus creating the internet? TCP-IP Protocol
As early as 1957, people recognized the need to share information on computers. What concept involved sharing the processing power of one computer with multiple users? Time Sharing
What is a circuit-switched network? A network that creates a point-to point connection between locations that remains open for the duration of the communication
What are three types of wireless connections? Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Microwave Bluetooth, Microwave, and Infrared
One thing Kevin Kelly (Ted Talk) discusses is that each time we click on a link, there is a record of it. According to Kelly, approximately how many clicks per day are there currently? 100 billion clicks
What is the benefit of creating a VPN as opposed to sending data directly over the internet? A VPN creates a secure, private communication tunnel
What is the difference between a server and a mainframe? A server is dedicated to performing network tasks while a mainframe processes large amounts of data at once A server handles several users, but a mainframe handles many, many more than that Both are centrally accessible storage spaces for data
What is one way to insert an equation? Go to Insert, select Equation, then select Design followed by Equation
What is productivity software? Software that helps a human perform one or more business or personal enrichment tasks
What is the information processing cycle? Input, processing, output, storage
What is a bit? The smallest unit of data on a computer A single binary unit, either 1 or 0
What is an information system? An interconnected environment for managing and processing data using a computer
In Microsoft Office, what does the red squiggly line under a word indicate?
What is the importance of the "undo" function? It helps restore text/content to its original form
There are three main ways to rename a file. How do you change the name of a file using a desktop application in Microsoft Office? Open file explorer, right- click on the file's name and select rename.
A ______ is a pathway on a circuit board through which data moves
In Microsoft Word, you can hit the “replace” button to find and replace text in a document. What is another way you can select “replace?” Ctrl-H
What does an operating system (OS) do?
Which of the following is a touchscreen computer with no separate keyboard or mouse? Tablet
What is the advantage of linking to a file instead of embedding it? Linking a file will automatically update if the information in the file changes Linking to a file will show all of the information in content form, as opposed to showing an icon that must be clicked on to open
How do you create a link to the web or to your email in Microsoft Word?
Created by: Ms.labbe3