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Cnt test 1

If a pneumothorax does occur, the first thing you should do is Carefully withdraw the needles to avoid further tissue damages
What are the contraindications for the use of electrical simulation Pace makers, electronic implants history of seizures, not applied from one side of chest across to the other. Not across midsagital line of Px. Never approach sensation of pain. Do not use silver or gold needles (only stainless steel, thick needles )
Hat should you do when responding to a patient who has fainted upon insertion of acupuncture needles? Remove needles immediately. Raise feet above the level of the head. Loosen all clothing on the patient’s body. Offer warm drinks to the Px
What are the most common Sx of HIV infection Fever malaise, body aches, maculopapular rash, lymphadenopathy HA
What can be used to reduce microbial life on the skin of the Px Antiseptic
Disinfectant can be used to microbial life on Clothing (inanimate objects, kitchens bathrooms)
Hat is the incubation time of HAV 15-45 (50)days
What is the incubation time of HBV 50-80 days
‘What is the incubation time of HCV 20-90 days
What is the incubation time of HDV Unknown
What is the incubation time of HEV 15-60 days
Which hepatitis is not chronic HAV & HEV
What is the correct temp. PSI. & Min. For using an autoclave to sterilize 250 *F, 15 PSI, 30 min
What is the correct temp and time for using dry heat to sterilize 338*F, 2 hours
What is regarded as the human body’s natural barrier Skin, stomach acid, tears
How long should you wash your hands before treating a Px according to CNT At least 30 sec
An infection caused by pathogens that the patient is already carrying is called Autogenous
What type of infection will be caused by using the same needle in a different point of the pody on the same patient Autogenous
What are important considerations to consider when you use disinfectant to sterilize Concentration, temperature, and time
What are some unacceptable procedures for sterilization according to CNT Boiling water, alcohol, pressure
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