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REAL Scientific PEEP

REAL Knowledge Scientific People

Swedish Physicist after which the length of unit of 10^-10 meters is named Angstrom, Anders
French Scientist. Fathered the work of Hons Oersted on the relationship between electricity and magnetism. Basic unit of electric current is named after him. Ampere
German Scientist. Invented and improved lab equipment. Discovered Cesium and Rubidium. Bunsen
Greek mathematician & inventor, cried "Eureka!" after discovering the Principle of Buoyancy ARCHIMEDES
Eng. mathematician, ideas preceded the modern computer, attempted to develop a mechanical computer called the analytical engine BABBAGE, Charles
South African surgeon, 1st successful human heart transplant in Cape Town (1967) BARNARD, Christiaan
Scottish-Amer. inventor of the telephone, helped found the magazine "Science" BELL, Alexander Graham
Amer. inventor & founder of the frozen-food industry, led to the the founding of General Foods Co. (1924) BIRDSEYE, Clarence
Amer. physician, 1st woman in the US to receive a medical degree (1849), graduated from Geneva Medical College (NY) BLACKWELL, Elizabeth
Danish physicist who postulated that electrons move in restricted orbits around the atom's nucleus, 1922 Nobel Prize in physics (work on atomic structure), atom emits & absorbs energy by combining quantum theory with his new concept of atomic structure BOHR, Neils
Irish chemist called "father of modern chemistry," discovered ______gas law BOYLE, Robert
German scientist, invented & improved lab equipment, __________ burner, discovered Cesium & Rubidium using spectroscopy BUNSEN, Robert
African-Amer. agriculturist, became director of the Tuskegee Institute, discovered hundreds of used for peanut, soybean, & sweet potato CARVER, George Washington
born Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, Eng. author & mathematician, "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland," "Through the Looking Glass" CARROLL, Lewis
Eng. chemist, worked on the composition of water, isolated a gas he called "Inflammable air" (hydrogen) CAVENDISH, Henry
Eng. physicist, discovered the neutron, 1935 Nobel Prize in physics CHADWICK, Sir James
Polish astronomer, put forth the heliocentric theory of planetary motion (1512) published in his classic work "De Revoluntionibus Orbium Celestium" COPERNICUS, Nicholas
French oceanographer, co-inventor of the aqualung, pioneer in the development of the self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (SCUBA), documentary films of this oceanographic expeditions aboard the Calypso COUSTEAU, Jacques
Eng. evolutionist, a naturalist aboard the "HMS Beagle" he accumulated data for his concept of evolution, theory of "Natural Selection," wrote "Origin of the Species" DARWIN, Charles
Eng. scientist, with James Watson he elucidated the structure of the DNA, double helix, 1962 Noble Prize in physiology CRICK, Francis
Amer. inventor of the Kodak camera, founded the _________ Kodak Company EASTMAN, George
Amer. inventor (considered the greatest of all time), the microphone, record player, kinetoscope, incandescent lamp; pioneering workshops in Menlo Park & West Orange, little formal schooling & went progressively deaf EDISON, Thomas
German-born Swiss-Amer physicist, major discoveries: Theory of Relativity, photoelectric effect (1921 Nobel prize in Physics), a Jew who fled Nazi regime, urged FDR to investigate the atomic bomb, held post at Princeton from 1933 until his death EINSTEIN, Albert
Scottish bacteriologist who discovered penicillin--also discovered lysozyme FLEMING, Sir Alexander
Italian mathematician, __________Sequence: a sequence of numbers in which each term is the sum of the 2 preceding terms, 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21... FIBONACCI, Leonardo
Austrian psychiatrist who developed psychoanalysis, free association, & dream interpretation; stressed importance of sexuality & childhood relationships with parents, idea of the Id, Ego, and the Superego FREUD, Sigmund
Russian cosmonaut, 1st man to orbit the earth when his Vostok did in 1961 GAGARIN, Yuri
US inventor & diplomat, wrote "Poor Richard's Almanac," invented the lightning rod, delegate to the 2nd Continental Congress, organized the postal system FRANKLIN, Ben
Amer. rocket designer, built the 1st liquid-fueled rocket (1926) GODDARD, Robert
Amer. inventor of vulcanized rubber GOODYEAR, Charles
US astronaut & politician, 1st Amer. in orbital flight (1962), orbited the earth 3 times in Friendship 7, senator from Ohio and oldest man in space GLENN, John
Eng. astronomer, first to predict the return of a comet, ________ comet in 1759 HALLEY, Edmund
Swedish inventor of dynamite NOBEL, Alfred
founder of modern nursing NIGHTINGALE, Florence
1660 discovered the law of universal gravitation, built 1st reflecting telescope, wrote "Principia Mathematica" NEWTON, Sir Isaac
American inventor of 1st passenger elevator OTIS, Elisha
Amer. physicist, director of the laboratory at Los Alamos, NM, that designed the 1st atomic bomb OPPENHEIMER
11th century Persian poet & mathematician "Rubaiyat" KHAYYAM, Omar
French scientist, founded the theory of modern probability, his experiments with fluids led to the invention of the hydraulic press PASCAL, Blaise
French chemist, developed rabies & anthrax vaccines, pioneered the process of pasteurization PASTEUR, Louis
famous experiment in which he conditioned dogs to salivate at the sound of a bell after associating the bell with feedings PAVLOV, Ivan
Swiss psychiatrist & founder of analytical psychology, postulated the "collective unconscious," introduced the terms "introversion & extroversion" JUNG, Carl
Eng. physician, his experiments led to the development of the smallpox vaccine & the beginning of immunology as a science JENNER, Edward
Eng. physicist, established the mechanical theory of heat, 1st to determine the relationship between mechanical & heat energy, mechanical unit of work named after him JOULE, James Prescott
German astronomer, 3 laws of planetary revolution derived from Tych Brahe's accurate observations, 1st law: each planet's orbit is an ellipse with the sun as the focus KEPLER, Johannes
Amer. inventor, established the Polaroid Corp., invented the Polaroid camera LAND, Edwin
German bacteriologist, established the bacterial cause of many diseases (tb, anthrax, cholera), 1905 Nobel prize in physiology for developing tuberculin skin test KOCH, Robert
Amer. inventor of the revolver COLT, Samuel
French thinker famous for "Cogito, ergo sum" (I think therefore I am), founded analytical geometry & originated Cartesian coordinate system, "Meditations" (a philosophical work) DESCARTES, Rene
Amer. inventor of vulcanized rubber GOODYEAR, Charles
Greek physician, "Father of Medicine," the _________ Oath: an ethical code formulated in ancient Greece that is still administered in medical school today, he believed medicine is based on observation & deductive reasoning HIPPOCRATES
Amer. inventor of the sewing machine HOWE, Elias
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