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Tech 7 Terms 1

Internet & Ed Tech Terminology

internet network that many people use around the world that connects to thousands of servers
World Wide Web a small section of the internet that is accessible to everyone, no matter where they are, as long as they have an internet connection
internet service provider company that offers access to the internet for a fee
web browser a piece of software that decodes and displays internet and web pages
URL website address; stands for Universal Resource Locator
hyperlinks clickable URLs within a webpage or document
HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language; language in which websites are written
downloads anything that you load onto your computer from the internet
upload anything that you move from your computer to the internet
embedding objects in a webpage placing objects into a webpage so that they retain their original form
assistive technology technology used to help a person with limitations
e-mail stands for electronic mail
simulation computer program which models something in the real world
bulletin board online public message posting site
hypermedia linked form of multimedia
software computer program(s)
chat room online discussion spaces that usually have some kind of theme
distance education learning by way of streaming video and/or teleconference
Problem Based Learning learning through solving of real world problems/issues
pixel a single dot of color (measured in dots per inch)
icon symbol for actions or items
spreadsheet program data in columns and rows that can manipulate other data within the spreadsheet
computer literacy knowledge and ability in the use of computers
instructional technology use of computers and related tools in learning
tutorial lesson on computer which helps you learn something
RAM the active memory used by the computer when running software
port connection on the computer through which information is passed
expansion slot space on the motherboard where accessories can be added
plotters printers for vector graphics; print by using an x,y coordinate grid
CD-ROM compact disk, read-only memory; used to store information used by computers
video port slot on computer that is used to connect a video output accessory
processor electronic circuitry that executes computer programs
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