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Recognition D-E-F-G-H

· dar To give
· deber To owe, must, should, ought to
· decidir To decide, to settle, to resolve
· decidirse To decide, to make up one's mind
· decir To say, to tell
· declarar To declare, to state, to bid [in cards]
· decorar To decorate, to adorn
· dedicar To dedicate
· dedicarse To devote oneself, to dedicate oneself, to go in for, to take up [carrer/interest in something]
· defender To defend
· dejar To leave, to abandon, to let, to allow
· demostrar To demonstrate, to show
· depender To depend
· depositar To deposit, to place, to put away, to store
· deprimir To depress, to press down, to flatten
· derretir To melt, to liquefy, to thaw
· desagradar To displease, to be displeasing
· desagradecer To be unthankful for, to be unappreciative of
· desaparecer To disappear
· desarrollar To develop, to expand, to unroll, to unwind, to unfold
· desarrollarse To develop, to evolve, to unwind
· desayunar To eat breakfast, to have breakfast
· descansar To rest, to take a rest, to support, to lean [on]
· descender To descend, to lower
· describir To describe
· descubrir To discover
· desear To desire, to want, to wish
· deshacer To undo, to unmake, to ruin, to spoil, to take apart
· despedir To say goodbye to, to show out, to dismiss
· despertar To awaken
· despertarse To wake up, to lie down
· destruir To destroy
· detener To stop, to hold up, to delay, to arrest, to detain
· detenerse To stop, to pause, to linger
· detestar To detest, to hate
· devolver To return, to give back
· devorar To devour, to eat up, to gobble up
· dibujar To draw, to sketch, to depict
· dirigir To direct
· diseñar To design
· disfrutar To enjoy
· disgustar To displease, to be displeasing, to annoy, to upset
· disminuir To diminish, to decrease
· distinguir To distinguish, to discern, to make out, to recognize, to single out
· distribuir To distribute, to hand out, to send out, to give out
· divertir To amuse, to entertain
· divertirse To have fun, to have a good time, to enjoy oneself
· divorciar To divorce
· divorciarse To get divorced [from somebody]
· doblar To double, to turn [a corner, to the right, to etc.], to fold, to crease
· doler To hurt, to pain, to ache
· dormir To sleep
· dormirse To go to sleep, to fall asleep
· duchar To douche
· ducharse To take a shower, to shower [oneself]
· dudar To doubt
· durar To last, to go on, to continue
· echar To throw, to cast, to fling, to hurl, to pitch, to toss
· echarse To throw, to fling, to hurl [oneself]
· educar To educate, to bring up
· efectuar To effect, to carry out, to bring about
· ejercer To exercise, to wield [power, to influence, to etc.], to practice [a profession], to manage, to conduct [a businsess]
· elegir To elect, to choose
· eliminar To eliminate, to remove, to get rid of
· emborrachar To make drunk, to intoxicate, to get [someone] drunk
· emborracharse To get drunk, to become drunk
· emigrar To emigrate, to migrate
· empezar To begin, to start
· emplear To employ, to hire, to use
· enamorar To inspire love in, to win the love of
· enamorarse To fall in love
· encantar To delight, to be delighting, to charm, to enchant
· encender To burn, to light, to turn on
· encontrar To find, to encounter
· enfadar To anger, to irritate, to annoy
· enfadarse To get angry, to get irratated, to get annoyed
· enfermar To make ill, to make sick, to cause illness in
· enfermarse To get sick, to become ill, to fall ill
· enflaquecer To make thin, to make weak, to weaken
· enflaquecerse To get thin, to lose weight, to grow weak
· engañar To deceive, to cheat, to trick, to swindle
· enojar To anger, to upset, to annoy, to make angry
· enojarse To get angry, to get upset, to lose one's temper
· enriquecer To enrich, to make rich
· enriquecerse To get rich
· enseñar To teach, to instruct, to train, to educate
· ensuciar To get dirty
· entender To understand
· enterarse To find out [about something], to learn [of something]
· entrar To enter, to go in, to come in
· entregar To deliver, to hand over
· entretener To entertain, to amuse
· entrevistar To interview
· entusiasmar To excite, to fill with excitement [or enthusiasm]
· entusiasmarse To get excited, to become excited [filled with excitement or enthusiasm]
· envejecer To age, to make old, to grow old, to get old
· envejecerse To get old, to age
· enviar To send
· equivocar To mistake
· equivocarse To make a mistake
· errar To err, to make an error
· escoger To choose, to select, to pick
· esconder To hide, to conceal
· esconderse To hide [oneself], to be hidden
· escribir To write
· escuchar To listen to, to hear
· esperar To hope
· esquiar To ski
· establecer To establish
· estar To be
· estimar To estimate, to appraise, to esteem, to respect
· estudiar To study
· evacuar To evacuate, to empty
· evitar To avoid, to prevent
· exhibir To exhibit, to show, to display
· exigir To demand, to require
· explicar To explain
· explorar To explore, to pioneer
· explotar To exploit, to explode
· exponer To expose
· exportar To export
· expresar To express, to voice, to state
· extender To extend
· extinguir To extinguish, to put out
· fabricar To manufacture
· faltar To lack, to be lacking, to be missing, to be absent
· fascinar To fascinate, to captivate
· felicitar To congratulate
· fijar To fix, to fasten, to secure
· fingir To fake, to feign, to pretend
· firmar To sign
· florecer To flourish, to flower, to bloom
· formar To form, to shape, to fashion, to make
· fortalecer To fortify, to strenthen
· freír To fry
· fumar To smoke
· funcionar To function, to run, to work
· ganar To win, to gain, to earn, to get, to acquire
· gastar To spend, to expend, to use up, to consume, to wear away, to wear down
· generalizar To generalize
· glorificar To glorify, to praise
· gobernar To govern
· graduar To graduate
· graduarse To graduate
· gritar To shout, to yell, to scream, to cry out
· gruñir To grunt, to growl
· guardar To guard, to watch over, to protect, to take care of, to keep, to hold on to, to put away, to store away
· guiar To guide
· gustar To please, to be pleasing
· haber To there to be
· hablar To speak
· hacer To do, to make
· hallar To find, to discover, to locate, to find out
· hallarse To be, to find oneself, to be located, to found
· helar To freeze, to congeal, to chill
· heredar To inherit
· herir To injure, to hurt, to wound, to beat, to strike
· hervir To boil, to entertain
· huir To flee, to run away
Created by: starfyre
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