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Ohio attorney general Mike de wine
Ohio Secretary of State John husted
Ancient Egyptian stone w/a decree issued at Memphis in 196 BC on behalf of king Ptolemy V Rosetta Stone
Presents an analytical approach to class struggle and problems of capitalism The communist manifesto
Author of the communist manifesto Karl Marx
Founder of the mongol empire Ghengis khan
Lowest and driest location in North America Death Valley
1st permanent settlement in the NW territory. Marietta Ohio
City and country where bin Ladin was killed Abottabad, Pakistan
Father of the Protestant reformation. 95 theses . German monk Martin Luther
Battle where tecumseh was killed; War of 1812 Battle of Thames ( Canada)
Member of English parliament in early 1800’s. Founded colony of Georgia in 1730 James Oglethorpe
Ruled German empire and Kingdom of Prussia from 1888-1918 ( ww1), grandson of Britain’s Queen Victoria, replaces Otto Von Bismarck in 1890 Kaiser Wilhelm ||
Shawnee leader of the Indian Confederacy and was defeated at the battle of Fallen Timbers Blue Jacket
American activist on behalf of the mentally insane. Created 1st generation of mental asylums Dorthea Dix
English explorer. Explored namesake river in NYC , Laid foundation for Dutch colonization Henry Hudson
Founder of General Electric JP MORGAN
2 Ohio senators Sherrod brown. Rob Portman
Longest serving president FDR
First 5 books of the Jewish bible Torah
Capital of North Sudan Khartoum
Largest populated city in China Shanghai
Hammer wielding god of Norse mythology Thor
1st British female prime minister Margaret Thatcher
Prince Charles lover Camilla Parker Bowles
Kentucky senator “great comprimisor Henry Clay
Capital of Nepal Katmandu
Inventor of makeup Max factor
US Beigader Genera who in 1794 Led an assault on the Indian Confederacy at the battle of Fallen Timbers in modern day Maumee Ohio, just south of Toledo General Anthony Wayne
Beaten in recall election by Arnold Schwarzenegger. Governor of California Gray Davis
1963 Landmark Supreme Court case, where unanimously it ruled that state courts are required under the 14th amendment to provide counsel in criminal cases for defendants who are unable to afford attorneys Gideon V. Wainwright
Head of the investigative commission that investigated Jfk assassination Earl warren
Tutored by Aristotle till age of 16 . Created one of the largest empires in the ancient world by 30. Undefeated in battle. King of Macedonia a state in northern Ancient Greece Alexander the Great
Sea in Northern Europe bordered by the Scandanavian Peninsula, the mainland of Europe and the danish islands. Also bordered on its northern edge by the gulf of Bothia Baltic Sea
Greek god. Son of Zeus. Roman equavilrnt is Jupiter. Famous for strength and far ranging adventures. Slaying the hydra. Killing a fire breathing cacus. Holding up the world in atlas. Freeing Prometheus. Retrieving Alcestis from the underworld Hercules
South American country that controls the easter islands Chile
British politician. Longest serving prime minister Margaret thatcher
Father of anthropology Boaz
Hot springs national park Arkansas
1st to reach the North Pole Admiral Robert Peary sr
Mythical founder/ King of Athens. Son of Posiden Theseus
Highest mountain in the americas located in the Andes . My Aconcagua
1st chandler of the German Empire 1862-1890 Otto van Bismarck
Head of the German SS Henrich Himmler
Head of the luftwaffe Herman Goering
Head of SA Ernst Rohn
Commodore of the US Navy who served and commanded a number of ships during the Mexican American war as well as the war of 1812 Matthew Perry
Ohio state treasurer Josh Mandel
Led American Naval Forces in decisive victory at the battle of Lake Erie Commodore Oliver Hazard Perry
Body of water that is the eastern most arm of the Baltic Sea. Extended between Finland and Estonia Gulf of Finland
Driest desert in the world Atacama Desert
National hero of Spain. Displayed remarkable military ablility in his conquest of Valencia where he defeated the moors El Cid
Roman emperor who attended the 1st Nicene Council Constantine the great
Danish philosopher. Theologian. 1st existentialist Philosopher Kierkegaard
Northernmost arm of the Baltic Sea. Situated between Sweden and Finland Gulf of Bothnia
Assembly in worms Germany which addresses Martin Luther and the affects of the Protestant Reformation Diet of Worms (1521)
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