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Spleen Channel

Spleen Primary Channel of the Foot Taiyin

Relationacupuncture point or relation
A. [EXTERNAL PATHWAY] The Spleen primary channel begins at the medial
side of the tip of the 1. BIG TOE
at acupuncture point Sp1, runs along the medial
aspect of the foot, following the border where the skin changes color, ascends in front of the 2. MEDIAL MALLEOLUS (inner ankle)
acupuncture point Sp5, follows the posterior
border of the tibia
up the medial
aspect of the leg to a point 8 cun superior to the medial malleolus where it crosses (and then travels anterior to ) the Liver channel, ascends along the medial
aspect of the 3. KNEE
and the antero-medial
aspect of the 4. THIGH
to the lower abdomen where it intersects with the Ren channel at Ren3, Ren4 and Ren10 before entering the 5. SPLEEN
and connecting with the 6. STOMACH
emerges in the region of the Stomach and ascends first at 4 cun lateral to the midline then at 6 cun lateral to the midline, passing through acupuncture points GB24, Liv24, and Lu1, and descends to terminate in the seventh intercostal space
on the mid-axillary line at acupuncture point Sp21.
B. [INTERNAL PATHWAY] A branch ascends through the 7. DIAPHRAGM
runs alongside the 8. ESOPHOGUS
and spreads over the lower surface of the tongue
Another branch ascends from the 9. STOMACH
passes through the 10. DIAPHRAGM
and flows to link with the 11. HEART
Which three organs does the Spleen Primary Channel enter/cross/connect? STOMACH, SPLEEN, and HEART
Which extremity is the Splee primary channel on? Lower extremities on the medial aspect of the leg
Created by: vzapanta