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Stomach Channel

Stomach Channel of the Foot Yang Ming

Relationacupuncture point or relation
A. [External Pathway] The Stomach Primary Channel begins at the LATERAL side of the 1.NOSE
at acupuncture point LI20, ascends to the 2. MEDIAL CANTHUS
where it meets the Bladder channel at acupuncture point UB1, descends laterally along the infraorbital ridge
to acupuncture point St1, descends to enter the 3. UPPER GUM
and curves to meet with acupuncture point Du28 and Du26, circles around the 4. LIPS
and meets the Ren channel at acupuncture point Ren24 in the mento-labial
of the 5. CHIN
runs laterally
across the 6. CHEEKS
to acupuncture point St5 and St6 at the angle of the 7. MANDIBLE
ascends anterior
to the 8. EAR
passing acupuncture point St7 to GB3, ascends within the hairline of the 9. TEMPORAL
region to acupuncture point St8, passing via acupuncture points GB6, GB5, and GB4. The channel then follows the hairline to meet the Du channel at Du24.
A branch separates at acupuncture point St5 and descends along the anterior
muscle in the 11. THROAT
region to enter the 12. SUPERCLAVICULAR FOSSA
at acupuncture point ST12.
B. [INTERNAL PATHWAY] The branch then travels posteriorly
to the upper back where it meets the Du channel at acupuncture point Du14, descends through the 13. DIAPHRAGM
linking with acupuncture points Ren13 and Ren 12 to enter the 14. STOMACH
and connect with the 15. SPLEEN
C. [EXTERNAL PATHWAY] A further branch descends from acupuncture point St12 along the 16. MAMILLARY
line, 4 cun lateral to the midline as far as acupuncture point St18, then passes 2 cun lateral
to the midline and descends alongside the 17. UMBILICUS
to acupuncture point St30 in the 18. INIGUINAL REGION
D. [INTERNAL PATHWAY] A further branch originates from the 19. PYLORIC ORIFICE
of the stomach, descends within the abdomen
and meets with the previous portion of the channel at acupuncture point St30.
E. [EXTERNAL PATHWAY] From iniguinal region at acupuncture point at St30 the channel travels laterally
to acupuncture point St31 on the antero-lateral
aspect of the 20. THIGH,
descends along the lateral
margin of the femur to the 21. PATELLA
alongside the lateral
margin of the tibia to the dorsum of the 22. FOOT
terminating at the lateral side of the tip of the 23. MIDDLE
toes at acupuncture point St45. A further branch separates from the main channel at acupuncture point St36, three cun below the 24. KNEE
and terminates at the lateral
aspect of the 25. MIDDLE TOE
A further branch separates on the 26. DORSUM OF THE FOOT
at acupuncture point St42 and terminates at the medial
side of the tip of the 27. BIG TOE
at acupuncture point Sp1, where it links with the spleen channel.
Which two organs does the Stomach Primary Channel enter/cross/connect? STOMACH AND SPLEEN
Which extremity is the Stomach primary channel on? Lower Limbs on the anterolateral aspect of the leg
Created by: vzapanta