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7 Hist BJU Ch 3 Test

"One of the finest and most substantially built towns"; major port city Kilwa
A large area of flat, grassland in Africa savannah
A large family group in Africa clan
Africa's geography includes ______________, ________________ & __________________. deserts, savannahs and rain forests
African Empires built advanced cities during time period the European Dark Ages?
African towns traded with merchants from __________, __________, and __________ ? Arabia, China, and India
ancient name for China Cathay
another name for maize corn
by 11th century Ghana's rulers had converted to this religion Islam
Camels are often described as __________ ? ships of the desert
Coptic Christians regard Menelik as the offspring of what king? Solomon
Coptics believe that the cathedral in Aksum contained this significant Christian object. ark of the covenant
Ethiopian king who became a Coptic Christian Ezana
Followers of what religion were responsible for the first written history of Africa? Islam
formerly known as Mukdisho, this town is located on Somalia's eastern coast Mogadishu
Ghana became prosperous partly because of the trade of what two items? gold and salt
He founded the kingdom of Mali Sunjata
How is a camel's body built for survival in the desert? A camel can store energy-rich fat in its hump, can store enough liquid to survive for five to seven days without water, and can shut out debris during sandstorms with its nostrils and long eyelashes.
Imperial title of Ethiopian rulers The Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah
In what village were several churches carved out of rock underground? Lalibela
Kilwa engaged in jihad against this people Zinj
known as a city of learning and trade Timbuktu
Major businesses in Eastern African cities centered around __________, _________, and __________ ? ivory, precious stones, and slaves
root crops such as yams were grown in this part of Africa rain forests
Swahili is a mixture of the __________, __________, and __________ language. Arabic, English, and Bantu
the belief that spirits live in objects in nature animism
The kingdom of Kush was located on the Nile River between Egypt and __________ ? Ethiopia
the name given to Aksum by the Greeks Ethiopia
The one and only one Supreme Being of the Kikuyu people Ngai
the trade language used in Eastern Africa Swahili
This city-state built near the Sabi River whose name means "great house of stone." Zimbabwe
This king made a pilgrimage to Mecca and gave away much gold. Mansa Musa
this language became popular in northern Africa because of the spread of Islam Arabic
This material was forged into weapons and used as money by the African people. iron
title of the ruler of Mali Mansa
West African coast near the Gulf of Guinea given this name by the Europeans due to the large amount of gold mined Gold Coast
West Africans commonly traded these items: __________, __________, and __________. iron, gold, and cotton cloth
Who introduced Coptic Christianity to Ethiopia? Frumentius
Why did African farmers NOT slaughter their livestock? They were seen as a sign of prosperity and wealth.
wide strip of land between the Sahara & the Mediterranean Sea Sahel
Zimbabwe is located between what two rivers? Limpopo and Zambezi
Created by: Mrs_CC
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