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WWW 51-55

WWW 51-55 stems

nasc born
re again
re back
pugn fight
casus case
meta change
patho disease
cumb lie down
sine without
moll soft
intra within
penta five
reg rule
corp body
lith rock
fort strong
fid faith
ego I
plan smooth
catena chain
mur wall
meter measure
cide kill
mega large
per through
extra beyond
trans cross
con together
cap take
spec look
in in
cise cut
plasto molded
omni all
aqua water
dict say
a- without
clude close
sci know
cud strike
rhino nose
necro death
quadr four
iso same
cant sing
homo same
circum around
phan appearance
pro for
gen origin
gamy marriage
tend stretch
pleo more
tract pull
luc light
ideo idea
exo outer
endo within
dent tooth
nom name
sangui blood
lat side
cad fall
man hand
ex out
pre before
pro before
sur over
per through
bell war
cred believe
se apart
ad to
hend grasp
scrib write
fac make
luc light
inter between
flect bend
in not
tempor time
monit warm
firm strong
morph shape
gen origin
cresc grow
mela black
Created by: claire.rhino