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Chapters 1-6 test

A male pubic angle is described like what ? Deep and narrow
A female pubic angle is described like what ? Wide and hallow
Example of a Hinge joints? Elbows , knees , and fingers
what are the male gonads ? testies
what are the female gonads? ovaries
Example of ball and socket joint? Hip and shoulders
Example of Condyloid joints? Wrist
Example of Pivot joints ? Arm (radius and ulna)
Example of Gliding joints? Vertebrae (spine) and carpals bones
Example of Saddle Joints? Thumbs
Synarthroses means what? no movement
Amphiarthroses means what? slight movements
Diarthroses means what? free movements
what is anatomy ? structure
what is phsyiology? function
How many cervical bones are there ? 7 bones
how many thoracic bones are there? 12 bones
how many lumbar bones are there ? 5 bones
how many sacrum bones are there ? 5 bones (fused)
how many coccyx bones are there? 4 bones (fused)
In all, how many bones are in the spine? 33 total
what does kyphosis means? spine begins to s shape more than normal
how many bones are in the wrist and what are they called? 8 bones and carpals
how many bones are in the ankle and what are they called? 6 bones and tarsals
first degree burns (partial thickness) burns that only the surface layers of epidermis
second degree burns (partial thickness) burns the deep epidermal layers and always cause injury to upper layer of the dermis
third degree burns complete destruction of the epidermis and dermis
which system in the body produces hormones? endocrine system
cutting a person in half is what ? midsaggital plane
true or false.... bone is dead tissue? false
What organs are located in the upper right quad? liver , gallbladder , and transverse colon
what organs are located in the upper left quad ? spleen , stomach , and pancreas
what organs are located lower left quad ? descending colon
what organs are located lower right quad ? small intestine and ascending colon
meaning of atomic number ? # of protons
meaning of atomic mass ? protons and neutrons combined together
thin layer of tissue that covers all bones is called what ? Periosteum
how many bones does a body have ? 206 bones
Axial skeleton consists of what? skull, ribs , sternum , and coccyx
Appendicular skeleton consists of what? Humerus , ulna , radius , carpals (meta) , femur , tibia , fibula , and tarsals (meta)
passive transport? no energy needed
active transport? energy needed from atp
what are the 4 majors types of bones and examples ? long - humerus short - carpals (wrist ) flat - skull ( front ) irregular - vertebrae (spinal cord )
Endochondral ossification ? more of a bone tissue
osteoblasts ? creation of bone
Osteoclasts ? getting rid of old bone
foot has how many bones? 26 bones
hand has how many bones ? 27 bones
how many ribs are there total? 24 ribs
true or false.. true rubs are attached to the sterno true
true or false.. false ribs attached to eachother true
true or false... all ribs are attached to the back true
what does avascular mean ? no blood supply (cartilage)
what does vascular mean ? blood supply (viens , heart )
what does synovial fluid mean? thick colorless lubricant between joints and sacs
how much water does bones have ? 40%
how much water does fat have ? 30 %
how much water does blood have ? 55%
how much water does muscle have ? 75%
Epidermis top
dermis middle
hypodermis low
parietal outside
visceral inside
keratin water proof protein
What are two kinds of sweat glands ? eccrine and appocrine
Describe Eccrine Gland -most numerous -99% water -open through pores
Describe Apocrine Gland - Ducts open into hair follicle 'prganic molecules decompose with time -odor
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