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Dec 1 2017 OAC

( sue grafton novels) H it for? Homicide
(Sue Grafton) K is for Killer
(Sue grafton) N is for Noose
Square root of (9/25) 3/5
Square root of 16/49 4/7
Square root of 1/64 1/8
What European powers colonies include Syria and Lebanon France
What European powers colonies include Jordan or iraq Great Britain
Term identified as topmost of a column Capital
Base or support on which a statue is mounted Pedestal
Projecting mass of masonry serving to provide a Additional strength for the Wall as it resists lateral thrust exerted by the arch or vault Buttress
What type of cells found in human blood are also known as erythrocytes? Red blood cells
What type of cells found in human blood are also known as leukocytes? White blood cells
: What components of blood are also known as thrombocytes? Plasma
(Pride and prejudice) What handsome, good-natured wealthy gentleman is the friend of Mr. Darcy and eventually falls in love with Jane Bennet? Charles bingley
( pride and prejudice) Due to being past prime marriage age, what woman reluctantly agrees to marry Mr. Collins, whom she does not love, to gain financial security? Charlotte Lucas
(Pride and Prejudice)Showing no remorse for her actions or the disgrace she brings upon her family, what flirtatious and headstrong 15-year old is the youngest of the Bennet sisters? Lydia bennet
Author of Pride and Prejudice Jane Austen
What fraction of both Houses of Congress must vote to override a presidential veto? 2/3
What fraction of states or state conventions must ratify a proposed Amendment to the Constitution? 3/4
While overriding a veto is discussed in Article One of the Constitution, the ratification of Amendments is discussed in which Article? Article 5
How many carbon atoms are in one molecule of butane? 4
How many carbon atoms are in one molecule of propane 3
How many hydrogen atoms are in one molecule of pentame? 12
Which Canadian province contains the cities of Victoria and Vancouver? British Columbia
Which Canadian province contains the cities of Edmonton and Calgary? Alberta
: The largest city in population in the Canadian province of Quebec is what city? It is second in population behind Toronto in all of Canada. Montreal
In what year did the USA celebrate its centennial 1876
Completing his second term in office during the centennial was what Ohio-born president Ulysses S Grant
Nicknamed the “Centennial State,” what state was admitted to the Union in 1876? Colorado
TV show on HBO starring Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the title character. Veep
. British vessel upon which Horatio Nelson died in the Battle of Trafalgar. Victory
Animal found in South America that is related to alpacas and llamas Vicuna or vicugna
Term given to the moratorium that Disney puts on the release of past films, making them available for only a limited time: the Disney _____. Vault
Word that describes what happens when something posted on the Internet, such as a video or picture, becomes suddenly popular. Viral
Adjective used to describe foxes, just like how equine refers to horses. Vulpine
Country of Southeast Asia where a namesake war was fought from 1955 to 1975. Vietnam
Type of dinosaur of the Cretaceous Period which achieved public awareness from the movie Jurassic Park Velociraptor
. Russian city that is the eastern terminus of the Trans-Siberian Railway and is the largest Russian city on the Pacific Vladivostok
Leader of Wallachia, part of what is now Romania, who was nicknamed “the Impaler” and is the inspiration for Dracula. Vlad
What chemical element is the lightest of the halogens? Fluorine
How many people are involved in the Electoral College every four years? 538
In what year did World War II (Two) begin? 1939
What future hall-of-famer for the Los Angeles Lakers scored sixty points in his final game prior to retiring at the end of the 2015-2016 season? Kobe Bryant
Edgar Allan Poe had a mischievous college life at what military institution West Point
What two-word alliterative term is the common name for the cartilage in the throat that projects from the front of the neck? Adam’s apple
7. What name is given to a liquid mixture of two or more substances that has a constant boiling point? An example of this is 95% ethanol solution, which boils at 78.20C. Azeotrope
Both Harvard and MIT are located in what city in Massachusetts? Cambridge
Teddy Roosevelt participated in which war in the year 1898? Spanish-American war
How many protons does one atom of helium contain? 2
Created by: boakes