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Manoominike Phrases

Ojibwe Sentences about ricing

Manoominikewin Ricing
Mii zhigwa its about time
Manoominikem it's ricing time
Wendaabang Kegaam on the East side of the lake
Epangishimoog kegaam on the West side of the lake
Giiwedinong kegaam on the North side of the lake
Zhaawanong Kegaam on the South side of the lake
giizhiginogwen must be ripe/fully grown
da- will be
bakaakosin open
Baatayiinad There is lots
agaawaa hardly
zanagad it is difficult
Waabang da-bakaakosin tomorrow it will be open
Mii zhigwaa Giizhiginogwen manoomin The rice must be ripe now
Baatayiinad manoomin there is lots of rice
agaawaa go ayaamagad manoomin there is hardly any rice
Onzaam too much
gabe- all....
onzaam gii-kizhaate gabe-niibin it was too hot all summer
onzaam gii-mooshka'an there was too much water
gii- past (tense)
gaawiin giizhiginzinoon it is not ripe
onzaamagin it is too ripe
wenda minogin its really ripe
gego sa naa gonaabishkaaken be careful not to tip
Biindikoojigedaa asemaa Lets offer tobacco
Gii-kichi-gimiwan dibikong it rained hard last night
Gii-Kichi-noodin gabe-dibik it was really windy all night
gii-piinaasin gaazhiging manoomin the ripe rice fell in the water
Onzaam gigizhii'odoon you pole too fast
Onzaam gigibedaa'odoon you pole too slow
giwenda-nitaa-bawa'am you really are good at knocking (rice)
Awenen dinowaatig ingiw bawa'iganaakoog what are those knockers made of?
Aaniin waa-izhitooyan gimanoominim What will you do with your rice?
Niwii-tazhiikaan igo niin I will work on it myself
Indizhiwidawaa gedashka'ang I will take it to him to thresh it
Nitam nimbaasaan first I dry it
Mii ezhi-gidasamaan then I parch it
imaa okaadakikong there in a treaty kettle
Niin igo nimimigoshkaan I jig it myself
mii ezhi-nooshkaatooyan Then I winnow it
jibwaa miijiyaang dash before we eat it
akawe nimbiindaakoodoomin First we offer tobacco
Created by: J.Lockling