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Bathing, Showering Obtaining and using supplies; soap, rinsing, and drying body parts; maintain bathing position; and transferring to and from bathing positions.
Bowel and Bladder Management Includes completing intentional control of bowel movements and urinary bladder and, if necessary, using equipment or agents for bladder control.
Dressing Selecting clothing and accessories appropriate to time of day, weather, and occasion; obtaining clothing from storage area; dressing and undressing in sequential fashion; fastening and adjusting clothing and shoes; and applying and removing personal devic
Eating or Swallowing Ability to keep and manipulate food or fluid in the mouth and swallow.
Feeding or Self-Feeding Process of setting up, arranging, and bringing food or fluid from plate or cup to the mouth
Functional Mobility Moving from one position to another during performance of everyday activities, in bed mobility, wheelchair mobility, transfers (wheelchair, bed, car, tub, toilet, shower, chair, floor). Functional ambulation and tranporting objects.
Personal Device Care Using, cleaning, maintaining personal care items such as hearing aids, contact lenses, glasses, orthotics, prosthetics, adaptive equipment, contraceptives, sexual devices.
Personal Hygiene and Grooming Obtain and using supplies; remove body hair; apply and remove cosmetics; washing, drying, combing, styling, brushing, trimming hair. Care for nails, skin, ears, eyes, nose. deodorant, clean mouth, brush floss teeth; removing, cleaning, reinserting dental
Toilet Hygiene Obtaining and using supplies, clothing management, maintain toilet position, transfer to and from toilet position, cleaning body, caring for menstral and continence needs. Catheters, colostomies, suppositoy management.
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