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Acu tech 2 moxa

Properties of moxa; name Artemisia vulgaris, a Species of chrysanthemum, leaves it used containing wool.
Properties of moxa; taste Bitter, resolves dampness detox and moves downwards. Acrid, Travels through the channels to regulate Qi and blood, expel cold from the channels.
Properties of moxa; temperature & actions WARM. Opens the 12 channels, regulates Qi and blood by traveling through the channels, expels cold and dampness, warms the uterus/spleen and stomach, stops bleeding, regulates menstruation, eases the fetus
Properties of moxa; nature Pure Yang, ability to restore the primary yang from collapse
What are the four functions of Moxabustion? 1. Warm channels and expel cold. 2. induce the smooth flow of Qi and Blood. 3. strengthen Yang from collapse. 4. prevent diseases and keep healthy
Moxa cone sizes Large; thumb diameter 0.8cm/ height 1cm Medium; half a date Small; grain of wheat
Moxa Stick size. Diameter 1.5 cm/length 20 cm
What are the classifications of moxibustion Moxa cones Warming sticks Warming needle
Classifications of moxa cones Direct (open) moxibustion/ scarring and non scarring. Indirect moxibustion/ginger, garlic, salt, Fu Zi (aconite or monkshood used on CV12, Du4)
Classifications of moxa sticks Sparrow Pecking. Drawing/circular motion and directional. Mild warming/ over the point
Classification of warming needle Needle top
What is one moxa cone used at one point called One unit
Direct (open) moxibustion scarring. How to. Aka festering/blistering. Keep the moxa cone until burnt out. 5-9 units. Causes local burn/blister, festering and scar after healing
What is direct (open) moxibustion scarring indicated for Chronic diseases (asthma, etc)
Direct (open) moxibustion. non scarring. How to Remove moxa cone after 1/2-2/3 burnt or discomfort felt from the patient. Keep procedure for 5-9 units. No burn/blister, no festering and no scar formation
What is direct (open) moxibustion non scarring indicated for Chronic diseases, deficient and cold condition (asthma, chronic diarrhea, indigestion)
Indirect moxibustion how to No direct application on the skin, using insulation between moxa cone and skin. Ginger. Garlic. Salt. Fu Zi
Moxibustion with ginger. Instructions Slice of ginger, .5 cm thick with numerous holes on the surface. Pace a large cone, repeat procedure
Moxibustion with ginger benefits for Sp/St weakness (diarrhea, abdominal pain). Yang deficiency (bi syndrome)
Moxibustion with garlic instructions Slice of garlic .5 cm thick with numerous holes. Place a large (smaller than ginger) cone repeat procedures.
Moxibustion with garlic indicated for Scrofula, TB, early stage of skin ulcer with boils, poisonous insects bites
Moxibustion with salt instructions AKA moxibustion at CV8. Fill umbilicus with salt, place large cone and repeat the procedures.
Moxibustion with salt indicated for Abdominal pain/hernia/umbilical pain, vomiting/diarrhea/prolonged dysentery. RESTORING YANG FROM COLLAPSE (excess sweating, cold limbs, undetectable pulse)
Moxibustion with Fu Zi (monkshood, aconite) instructions Coin-sized cake used, punched numerous holes. Place a large cone on the top, repeat the procedures.
Moxibustion with FU Zi indicated Warm yang (kd yang) and expel cold, good for deficient and cold syndromes. Impotence, premature ejaculation, infertility. Declination of Ming Men Fire.
Moxibustion with Moxa sticks instructions Appy a lighted moxa stick over the selected point, area and channel. Easy to contro heat and time. Good therapeutic effect, widely used in clinic.
Moxa stick sparrow pecking Apply the ignited moxa stick rapidly pecked over the point until the area becomes red
Moxa stick drawing technique Apply the ignited moxa stick evenly move side to side or in a circular movement over the point until the area becomes red
Moxa stick mild warm Apply the ignited moxa stick over the point to bring a mild warmth for 5-10 min. Keep the procedures until the local area becomes red
Moxibustion with warming needle Combined with acupuncture needle. After the arrival of qi, apply a moxa ball to the handle of needle. Mild warmth penetrate through the needle into the point.
Moxibustion with warming needle indicated Warm the channels, promote the free flow of qi and blood. Di syndromes due to cold damp, numbness with coldness, paralysis.
Clinical uses(process) of moxibustion Upper part first, then lower. Back are first, then abdominal. Head and body (trunk/abdomen) first, then 4 extremities. Pathological conditions. (In general Yang portion first, then yin potion)
General application for cones and sticks (how many/how long) 3-7 units for cones. 10-15 min for sticks
4 General considerations for application of moxibustion 1 Pathological condition. 2 General constitution. 3 Age. 4 Location.
Contraindications for application of moxibustion. 1. Excess condition, heat syndromes (high fever, deficient heat yin def, feeble and rapid pulse condition) 2. For scarring moxibustion avoid the area of the face head, large vessel, and vital organs (ub 1 st 1 st 9). 3. Pregnancy avoid lumbosacral region
Management of burns Slight red sign of burning; disappear soon. Different degree of burning; medical procedure needed.
Management of blisters Small blister; remain as is. Big blister; puncture and drain
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