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Vocabulary for Teen Leadership

Agenda A list of items to be covered at your meeting.
Appointment A specific commitment for a certain date and time, whether business or personal. (See scheduled events)
Crucial Of the highest importance in your day.
Daily Planning A time to set aside each day and take control of the most precious resource at your command, the next twenty-four hours, planning out all that you have to do and all that you want to do.
Day-Timer A time control device manufactured and sold by the Day-Timer Company, Allentown, PA, USA.
Deadline A date and time to complete something.
Family Your relationships with family members, natural and extended.
Priority the fact or condition of being regarded or treated as more important. "the safety of the country takes priority over any other matter"
Goal Planning The practice of deciding where you want to end up on the last day of your life in each your seven vital areas and then working backward
Interruption An unanticipated event that comes to you in-person or electronically, via telephone, fax, email, beeper, or pager.
Meeting Two or more people getting together to exchange common information.
Multi-Tasking Do more than one thing at a time.
Personal Productivity The measure of all that you accomplish in your work and personal lives, measured against what your lifetime goals are.
Personal Productivity System A pyramid of building blocks to help you achieve high productivity ion your day.
Stuff The minutiae, the on going flow of little tasks that can occupy any day.
Time Your most precious resource. 24 hours in every day, seven days in every week, and 168 hours in total for everyone.
Time Log A tool to catalog how your time is actual being spent to permit you to make adjustments in the future to increase your productivity.
Time Management Time management is the art, science, and practice of gaining better control (not absolute control) over the entire 24 hours in your day to create both personal balance and increased productivity.
To Do List A written list of what you have to do and what you want to do over the next 24 hours. It is roadmap for leverage the next 24 hours to maximize your success.
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