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JC/LC) Verbs in -ate

Vocabulary on Verbs Eng-Fr

Abbreviate Abréger
Accelerate Accélerer
Activate Activer
Aerate Aérer
Amputate Amputer
Annotate Annoter
Appreciate Apprécier
Arbitrate Arbitrer
Assassinate Assassiner
Associate Associer
Attenuate Atténuer
Captivate Captiver
Celebrate Célébrer
Collate Colattionner
Communicate Communiquer
Compensate Compenser
Complicate Compliquer
Concentrate Concentrer
Confiscate Confisquer
Contaminate Contaminer
Contemplate Contempler
Cooperate Coopérer
Create Créer
Cultivate Cultiver
Deactivate Déactiver
Delegate Déléguer
Deliberate Délibérer
Demonstrate Démontrer
Discriminate Discriminer
Disintegrate Désintégrer
Donate Donner
Educate Eduquer
Elaborate Elaborer
Elevate Elever
Eliminate Eliminer
Emancipate Emanciper
Emigrate Emigrer
Eradicate Eradiquer
Evacuate Evacuer
Evaporate Evaporer
Exaggerate Exagérer
Fluctuate Fluctuer
Formulate Formuler
Frustrate Frustrer
Generate Générer
Germinate Germiner
Graduate Graduer, recevoir un diplome
Hesitate Hésiter
Hibernate Hiberner
Illuminate Illuminer
Illustrate Illustrer
Implicate Impliquer
Indicate Indiquer
Initiate Initier
Inoculate Innoculer
Instigate lancer, engager
Interogate Interroger
Intoxicate Intoxiquer
Laminate Laminer
Liberate Libérer
Masticate Mastiquer
Moderate Modérer
Motivate Motiver
Mutate Muer
Narrate Narrer
Navigate Naviguer
Propagate Propager
Punctuate Punctuer
Situate Situer
Speculate Spéculer
Stagnate Stagner
Stimulate Stimuler
Subjugate Subjuguer
Suffocate Suffoquer
Terminate Terminer
Undulate Onduler
Validate Valider
Created by: Patrick Desprez