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Layout 115-128

Desktop Vocabulary Layout 115-128

Body Copy The main portion of copy on the page.
Byline The credit line showing the name of the author, usually below an article’s title.
Callout A type of text box that calls attention to parts of an image.
Clone To copy a range of pixels and paste the pixels into another location.
DTP Acronym for Desktop Publishing, which is using a computer to combine text and graphics together on a page.
Headlines Title to articles and are frequently created to attract the reader’s attention. Organize text and help readers decide whether they want to read the article.
Master page A special layer that allows design elements in a document to be repeated automatically on any number of pages. This layer is usually behind all other layers.
Panels The sections separated by folds in a brochure page layout.
Parallel folds Folds in a brochure that all run in the same direction and divide the publication into panels.
Standoff The space between an image and text.
Subheads/Section headings Secondary headings that provide the transition from headlines to body copy. Subheads are usually bolded and sometimes keyed in larger type sizes.
Watermark An image that is barely visible and often cannot be seen until the paper it is on is held up to the light.
White space/Negative Space The non-printed space of margins and gutters.
Zero point A pair of dotted intersecting lines at the upper left corner of the document window where the rulers intersect -- used to reset where zero appears on a ruler.
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