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Font Related 80-93

Desktop Vocabulary Font related 80-93

Embedded font Fonts that are saved as part of the document itself so that a print shop can use the exact font that was intended.
Font attributes Characteristics or qualities of text, ie bold, italics, superscript
Font family Fonts are grouped into families and given a name such as Arial, Arial Rounded, Arial Unicode, Arial Narrow, Arial Black, etc.
Font A specific typeface combined with variations such as style, size and spacing.
Monotype A type of font where all characters take up the same amount of space—sometimes called fixed pitch font or monospacing.
Reverse type White or light-colored text that appears against a darker background.
Sans Serif A typeface that is straight-edged; e.g. Arial (sans means “without” in French)
Serif A typeface with lines or curves extending from the ends of the letters. Times New Roman; e.g Times.
Shadowing At an offset angle shadow is added to text or graphics.
Skew An option that lets you distort objects such as text blocks, drawn or imported graphics, or groups for a special effect.
Stroke Manipulating the width or color of a line around an object--usually text.
Typeface A design for a set of characters, letters, numbers and punctuation marks.
Typography The art of using fonts and font styles to produce professional looking publications.
X-height The height of the body of all lowercase letters such as the letter x in a typeface. All the lowercase characters in a typeface are designed to be no taller than the x-height.
Created by: shmaguy