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Graphics 50-62

Desktop Vocabulary Graphics 50-62

Pixel The smallest discrete element of an image or picture (usually a single-colored dot); the greater the number of pixels per inch the greater the resolution.
Pixelated Describes when individual pixels are visible in an image.
PNG (Portable Network Graphic) A lossless raster file format that preserves image detail and this format preserves transparent information.
Proportion Sizing design elements in relation to their relative importance and to each other within the publication.
Public domain Materials that are so old that they no longer have a copyright, or materials that are published by the government or are declared free to the public.
Repetition The consistent use of important design elements that are echoed, or repeated, in some way throughout the design or publication.
Retouch To fix or edit an image – often to fix blemishes or other defects.
Royalty Free a term that describes a work of art that can be used without having to pay a fee or royalty each time you use it.
Three-dimensional The illusion that a drawn object displays depth, width and height.
Thumbnail A rough sketch used in planning a layout and design.
TIFF (Tagged Integrated File Format) A lossless raster file format that preserves image detail. These have large file sizes and work best for high-quality printing, and can preserve transparent information.
Vector Graphic Graphics defined using coordinate points and mathematically drawn lines and curves, which may be resized and/or rotated without losing image clarity.
Vignette An image that has a border that fades into the background.
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