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Graphics 36-49

Desktop Vocabulary Graphics 36-49

Anchor Point The spot where you begin or end a line segment.
Bevel Refers to the angled edges of an object.
Bezier Curve (bay-zee-yeah) A precise method of drawing curves that uses anchor points on a path and control points that describe the direction of the path.
Bitmap/ Raster (graphic file format) A graphic made up of tiny colored squares (pixels) that work together to form an image. Raster images do not look as smooth and crisp as vector graphics when they are enlarged because the software tries to adjust the size of the pixels.
Copyright the legal protection any artist has for the work he or she creates. Copyrighted work cannot be used without permission of the creator and a fee might have to be paid prior to use.
CRAP Contrast, Repetition, Alignment, Proximity
Crop To trim a graphic image.
Directional flow Established by organizing a positioning element in such a way that the reader’s eyes are drawn through the text and to particular words or images that the designer wishes to emphasize.
Fastening points Points that anchor a line and start a new line segment.
GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) This reduces the number of colors in an image and words best for Internet web pages, and preserves transparent data.
Handle A small square that appears around selected graphics or on the ends of a window shades for a selected text block. Graphical shapes contain eight handles. The handle is used to change the size or shape of the selected object.
JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) File used for photographs for the internet, low to medium resolution needs or for pictures that do not require transparency.
Morph To gradually blend two images together in such a manner that the first image appears to be transforming into the other image.
Opacity How dark or solid an object is it, making it more difficult to see through.
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