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Text Related 21-35

Desktop Vocabulary Text 21-35

Alignment The horizontal or vertical placement of text or graphics relative to the margins.
Ascender The lowercase letter that extends above the x-height as in the characters b, d, f, h, k, and l.
Baseline An imaginary horizontal line on which the bottom of all uppercase characters and the base of all lowercase characters fall or rest.
Descender The lowercase letters that fall below the baseline, as in characters g, j, p, and q.
Drop Cap A design element in which a letter (usually the first letter of a paragraph) is much larger font size and embedded into the surrounding text.
Hyperlink A clickable area in a document, often represented as colored text or a graphic, that takes you to information within the same document or to another location.
Kerning The process of “fine-tuning” spacing by adjusting the space between characters.
Leading (Led-ding) The vertical distance between the baselines of type.
Orphan The FIRST line of a paragraph (or other text group) that is left at the bottom of a pate or column.
Pica Traditional typographic measurement of 12 points or 1/6 of an inch.
Point The basic measurement system used to measure the size of fonts and spacing. There are 72 points to an inch.
Sort To arrange data according to particular values or criteria. Highest, lowest, alphabetically, etc.
Tracking A feature that enables you to adjust the relative space between characters for selected text.
Widow The LAST line of a paragraph (or text group) carried forward to the top of the next page or column.
Wrap To flow text around an image or object.
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