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Desktop Color 1-20

Desktop Vocabulary Color 1-20

Analogous Colors are those colors that are near each other on a color wheel
CMYK A color model used to identify a color as a percentage of the colors cyan, magenta, yellow, and black, often used by printers.
Color Modes The separation of color into channels.
Color Wheel a visual arrangement of colors in a circle that is similar to the spectrum of light.
Complimentary Colors colors that appear directly across from each other on a color wheel.
Contrast Design elements that look different than surrounding features to create visual interest or specific focal points.
Dithering When a visiting computer substitutes colors on web pages that use colors not included in the standard 256 colors.
Fill A pattern, color or tint applied to the inside of a closed object.
Gradient A gradual change from one color to another. Uses stops for the beginning and ending colors.
Grayscale A color system that ranges from white to black with shades of gray in between.
Hexadecimal value A six-digit code that defines one color.
HSB (Hue, Saturation, Brightness) Method of describing color to a computer.
Layers (layering) The practice of placing text and image and top of each other in a design.
Pantone A color system used by professional print shops that matches computer data with specialized inks.
Process color A color created by mixing colors—such as cyan, magenta, yellow and black—in specific proportions.
RGB Acronym for red, green, blue, the colors of projected light from a computer monitor that when combined simulate a subset of the visual spectrum.
Spectrum The entire range of color from white to black.
Spot Color Any pre-mixed ink that is not one of the four process-color (CMYK) inks.
Saturation The intensity of a color.
Transparency the ability to see through one object or layer to another below it.
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