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Tcm intmed2 hypoPain

intermittent aching or distending pain, difficult to localise and clearly related to emotions Liver qi stagnation
fixed, stabbing pain that is easy to localise and is worse with pressure and at night Blood stagnation
dull ache, which is relieved by pressure and worse when stressed or fatigued Liver yin deficiency
hypochondriac pain, ache, fullness or discomfort, usually on the right side, clearly related to the emotional state • frequent sighing and belching • fullness or tightness in the chest • depression, irritability, moodiness • dizziness • he Liver Qi stagnation
Damp heat
Aggravated by emotions and stress Liver wi stagnation, Yin (blood) deficiency
Aggravation with palpation Blood stagnation, Damp Heat, Qi stagnation
Treatment principle for liver qi stagnation Soothe liver and regulate qi
Acu Rx for liver qi stagnation Liv 3, Liv 14, SJ 6, GB 34, (liver qi stag). Liv 2, PC 6, GB 40 (damp heat)
hypochondriac pain, usually right sided and worse for pressure • fever, or fever and chills, or alternating fever and chills • irritability, easily angered • thirst, poor appetite, nausea, vomiting, bitter taste in the mouth • fullness or stu Liver and gall bladder damp heat
Treatment principle for liver and gall bladder damp heat Clear and drain dampness and heat, stop pain
Acupuncture Rx for liver and gall bladder damp heat Liv 14, sj6, gb34, gb 24, gb43, liv 3, bl 18, bl 19. With severe fever add du 14 and li 11. Alternating fever and chills add sj5 and gb 39. With nausea add PC6. With jaundice add du9
mild, dull, right sided hypochondriac pain aggravated or provoked by stress and relieved by pressure • dry mouth and throat, thirst • irritability and restlessness • dizziness • insomnia • blurring vision; dry, red, sore eyes • acid reflux Liver yin (blood) deficiency
Treatment principle for liver yin (blood) deficiency Nourish liver yin, soothe the liver
Acu Rx for liver yin (blood) deficiency Bl23, bl 18, bl17, liv 8, liv 14, gb 43, liv 3, kid 3
ftxed, stabbing hypochondriac pain that is worse at night and with pressure • dark or purplish spider naevi or broken vessels over the ribs, on the face and around the inner ankle and knee, especially around the Kid.3 (tai xz) and Sp.9 (yin ling Blood stagnation
Treatment principle for blood stagnation Invigorate Blood, eliminate Blood stagnation Regulate qi, stop pain
Acu Rx for blood stagnation Liv 14. Liv 13, sp 21, sj 6, gb 34, liv 3, bl 17, bl 18. If post traumatic add points oftenderness (ah shi). With severe pain, add LI 4
Created by: Jkellycal