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Gen O&P Review

5 sources of electrical energy Heat, Light, Chemical, Magnetism, Pressure
4 things that affect resistance Cross section, length, material, temperature
Purpose of a capacitor To store electrical energy in electrostatic fields
Units of Capacitance Farads
Why can't you use electrolytic capacitors in AC? They are polarized (like diodes). Only allow 1 polarity through, not the opposite
What is Inductance? Ability to store electrical energy in electro-magnetic fields
Unit of inductance? Henry
What is Impedance? Total opposition to flow in AC circuit. =Sum of: Resistance, Capacitive Reactance, Inductive Reactance
Units of Impedance? Ohms
Specific Gravity of Electrolyte in fully charge Lead/Acid Battery? 1.275-1.300 specific gravity
Temp range where no correction needed for Specific Gravity readings? 70-90 degrees F
What is battery compartment treated with to prevent corrosion? Polyurethane, or tar-based paint (ashphaltic)
What is used to clean up battery acid ? Sodium-Bicarbonate solution
Can hydrometer be used to measure charge on a Ni-cad battery? Why? Ni-Cad battery electrolyte doesn't change chemically like a Lead/Acid battery, so specific gravity never changes.
What is used to clean Ni-Cad battery spills? Boric Acid and water
How many ohms in a Meg-ohms Million
How much of an amp is a Mili-amp? 1/1000th
How is the alternate position of a part drawn? Thin line, made of 2 short and 1 long dashed lines (-- - - -- - - --)
Of what material are most low-pressure rigid lines made of? 1100 1/2 hard, or 3003 1/2 hard Aluminum Aloy
Minimum amount of slack in flexible hose installation? 5% of total length (allows for expansion)
How to tighten a Flareless MS Fitting? Handtight, then 1/6 to 1/3 turns further
What rigid tubing can be double-flared? 5052-O, and 6061-T 1/8" to 3/8" OD
Why is Teflon-tubing used in aircraft hydraulic systems? High strength under high temperatures
What precautions must be used when flaring tubing? Polish, so it won't scratch when tool is used. Deburr, lubricate, etc.
What pressure used to pressure-test flexible lines? 2x operational pressure (generally)
Icebox rivet - What is it? And what's it made of? Heat treated, and kept below freezing to slow the aging/hardening process. Alloy: 2017 and 2024 Aluminum (think last year, and 2024)
Minimum control cable size? 1/8"
What kind of cable used when pulleys are used to change cable direction? Extra Flexible, (7 groups of 19 strands)
Explain Solution heat-treating Aluminum Alloys Heat in oven to temp for specified time, then quench in water
Explain Precipitation heat-treating After solution heat-treating, it is kept @ an elevated temperature for period of time
What's an alternate name for Precipitation heat-treating? Artificial-Aging
Danger zone for turbine intake? 25 feet (Sandy is DANGER)
Using lower octane fuel does what? Causes detonation from the more rapid (expolosive) burning of the mixture
What's the danger of using fuels that vaporize too readily? Vapor-lock can occur in the fuel lines
What type of fuel is Jet Fuel? Heavy Kerosene-based
Flashpoint of Jet Fuel 110-150 deg. F
Freezing point of Jet Fuel -40 deg. F
Heat energy content of Jet Fuel 18,600 BTUs/pound
Dual octane ratings for AvGas (ex: 100/130) 100 = Octane rating when running LEAN 130 = Octane rating when running RICH
Purpose of Tetraethyl Lead in AvGas? 1) Increase critical temp/pressure of fuel 2) Lubrication
What is printed on filler cap for Recip Aircraft? 1) AVGAS 2) Min. Fuel Grade
What is printed on filler cap for Turbine Aircraft? 1) Jet Fuel (Fuel designations) 2) Fueling/Defuel Pressures
Light Gun Signal: Flashing Red Taxi clear of the runway
What do you do if Jet fuel is put into a recip engine (and run)? Drain and flush fuel system, drain oil, change filters, inspect engine interior, compression and ops check
What places are most susceptible to corrosion? Hinges, fittings, exhaust, dissimilar metals, SWAMP (Sev. Wind and Moisture Problems)
Fretting corrosion mostly occurs when? Two parts have a small amount of movement between them (no way for corrosion to be removed as it forms)
Where does intergranular corrosion take place? Between boundary layers inside the metal
What can cause intergranular corrosion? Improper heat-treatment
Where is Stress Corrosion mostly found? Stressed areas: holes, fittings, inserts, etc.
How to remove corrosion from high-stress areas Light sanding or glass-bead blasting, buffing or careful polishing.
How to remove corrosion from Aluminum Alloys Wire-brush or wool, or rotary file (if severe)
What is used to removed grease from fabric before doping? Methyl-Ethyl Keytone (MEK), or laquer-thinner
What can be used to treat anodized surface of aluminum alloy parts? Chemical conversion coating (ex: Alodine)
CFR#: List of basic items for a 100hr/Annual inspection 14 CFR Part 43, Appendix D
CFR #: Example of a writeup for 100hr. inspection 14 CFR 43.11
how many copies must be made of a Form 337? Where do they go? Two copies: Aircraft Owner/Operator (Original) FAA (Copy)
Temperature Conversion: F and C C to F: [(9/5) x T] + 32 F to C: [T-32] x (5/9)
3 Methods of Heat Transfer Convection (apply heat), Conduction (apply electricity), Radiation
What is an Advisory Circular (AC) Publication put out by FAA for Information instead of Regulation (Not manditory, but recommended)
Where can you find a list of major alterations made and approved for FAA Certificated Aircraft STC Listings
CFR #: Airworthiness Standards for Certificated Aircraft in Normal, Utility and Acrobatic 14 CFR Part 23
CFR #: Airworthiness Standards for Transport Category Aircraft 14 CFR Part 25
CFR #: Airworthiness Standards for Rotorcraft 14 CFR Part 27
CFR #: Aircraft Markings and Identification 14 CFR Part 45
What does the Manufacturer issue to alert operators of changes that affect safety/performance of aircraft or engines? Service Bulletins
Who issues Aircraft Service Bulletins? The Manufacturer
Where can a mechanic find what category an aircraft is certified under? TCDS
CFR #: Issuance of a Mechanic Certificate 14 CFR Part 65
What are the recency requirements for Mechanic Certificates? 6 months out of the preceding 24 months
How long is a Temporary Maint. Certificate Valid for? 120 days
CFR #: List of Major Alterations or Repairs 14 CFR Part 43, Appendix A *(Think A for Airframe/Alterations!)
What benefit does a sleeve/nut combination have for flared-fittings? It reduces the possibility of reducing flare thickness by wiping or ironing during tightening.
What are the damage limits for scratches/nicks on aluminum alloy tubing? No more than 10% of wall thickness, and not in the heel of a bend, and should be burnished out to prevent stress concentrations.
What benefits does a double flare have? More circular, smoother than a single flare. The extra metal is more more resistant to shearing when the fitting is torqued.
A gas/fluid line marked with PHDAN means what? Physically Hazardous and Dangerous to personnel
What tubings have high strength, abrasion resistance in high pressure (3000 psi) hydraulic systems? Corrosion-resistant steel, either annealed or 1/4 H (Hard)
What increments is the OD of Rigid fluid lines measured in? 1/16" increments
A Rigid and Flexible line of the same size, when compared, will have what? Equivalent flow characteristics
Is the Min. Allowable Bend Radius of Steel tubing greater, or less than the same size Aluminum tubing? Greater: For minimum radius of Steel in sizes smaller than 1.5" OD, if made too small, could cause the metal to crack.
How could localized damage of a rigid fluid line be repaired? Cutting out the damaged area, and utilizing a swaged tube fitting to join the two ends
If a scratch/nick appears in the heel of a bend, can it be repaired? No Nicks less than 10% of the wall thickness may be burnished out, but NOT in the heel of a bend.
How will a flexible line behave when under pressure? It expands in diameter, and contracts in length (It gets shorter, because it gets fatter)
If a tube is flattened while bending, what are the damage limits? Flattening of no more than 25% of the original OD of the tube is allowable. (If the small diameter is <75% of the diameter of a straight section, reject it)
How are MS Flareless Fitting SLEEVES (Ferrules) Assembled? Lubricated with system fluid Assemble Nut and Sleeve (Ferrule) w/ Large end of Sleeve towards nut Hand tighten, then tighten 1 to 1.25 turns with wrench *Sleeve should rotate, but not move up or down*
How are MS Flareless fittings tightened during installation (not assembly) Hand tightened, then turn 1/6 to 1/3 turns with a wrench
What color are AN Steel Flared-Tube Fittings? Black
What color are AN Aluminum alloy fittings? Blue
What flare angle is used for AN Aluminum tubing? 37 Degrees
On what 3 metals can a Roll-type Flaring tool be used? Soft Copper, Aluminum and Brass
What are Thread Fit Classes 1,2 and3? Which class are most aircraft bolts under? Class 1: Loose Fit Class 2: Free Fit *Class 3: Medium Fit (Used on almost all standard aircraft bolts)
Mag particle inspections are used primarily to detect flaws where in the metal? On or near the surface of the metal
What Non-Destructive test is performed on a Potted Composite repair after it is finished? Metallic Ring Test
A bolt with a single raised dash is classified as what? AN Corrosion-Resistant Steel bolt
Mag Particle Inspections can be performed on which metals? Iron Alloys (Ferrous Metals)
Which Mag Particle inspection is used most often: Residual or Continuous? Continuous Part remains in the field, and fluid is pumped over it
In a good weld, no oxide should have formed on the metal how far from the weld? No more than 1/2 " away from the weld
What characteristics will steel have after it has been annealed (slowly cooled)? Low strength, low stress
To what accuracy does a Micrometer read in? .0001 inches
In a Fillet (Corner) weld, what % of the base metal should be penetrated? 25 to 50%
What metal has short-term heat properties, and is used in construction of firewalls? Titanium Alloy *(Has merit for short-time exposure up to 3000 deg. F, where strength is not important)
Describe a Clevis Bolt A Clevis bolt is a bolt with a Convex, Screw-type head.
Aluminum 1100 is what kind of aluminum? 99% Commercially pure aluminum
What are the damage limits for Dents in rigid lines? Straight Section: <20% of tube diameter Heel of a bend: <10% of tube diameter (Think allowable, but half)
Where is an AN Clevis bolt used on an airplane? Only Shear-Load applications
On what metals can Normalizing be used on? Only Iron-Base metals
What does the F stand for in a 300-F Aluminum Alloy? "as Fabricated", no hardening or tempering treatments
Before dye penetrant inspections, the part should be cleaned with what kind of solvent? A Volatile Petroleum-Based solvent
To approve Major Repairs or Alterations for return to service, can the data used for repair be approved before, or after the repair? The data must be approved BEFORE the repair
What must be established if the maintenance records of the aircraft need to be reconstructed? Total time-in-service of the airframe
What is ATA iSpec 2200? Standardizes the format of information in Maintenance Manuals, and makes it available electronically
What is included in an Inspection entry that is not required in regular maintenance logs? Aircraft Total Time
What are the wear limits for Aircraft Control Cables? Outer wires worn 40-50 % (Or when individual wires appear to blend together)
Are Advisory Circulars, such as AC 43.13-2A "Approved", or "Acceptable" data? Acceptable: While they show a way things can be done, it is neither specific nor mandatory.
Describe what's covered in 14 CFR Parts 1, 21, 23, 25, 27 1) Definitions/Abreviations 21) Issuance of an Airworthiness Certificate (Cert. Procedures for products and parts Airworthiness standards for: 23) Normal, Utility, Acrobatic and Commuter Category 25) Transport Category 27) Rotorcraft
What does the Aircraft Listing cover? Aircraft specifications for a model, manufactured under a type certificate, of which less than 50 are on the FAA Registry
Can a Powerplant Mechanic make a minor repair to an aircraft propeller? Yes
Where can you find information on placards that must be installed on an aircraft? TCDS
Legally, what is defined as "Maintenance" Overhaul, Repair, Parts Replacement, Inspection and Preservation
Define a "repair" Operation that restores item to a condition for safe operation, after damage or deterioration
What is the SHEL Model for maintenance Errors? Software (Procedures), Hardware (Machines), Environment, Liveware (Person) *Person is the starting point
What regulation covers The issuance of Mechanic Certificates? 14 CFR Part 65: "Certification: Airmen other than flight Crewmembers"
What are three types of Human Error? Omission, Commission, and Extraneous
What are the recency requirements for a Mechanics license? Within previous 24 months: Proved to FAA that you can accomplish the work Served as a mechanic under your rating for at least 6 months
Does replacing aircraft fabric count as a major or minor repair? Major, even if no alteration or repair is performed
When would a Special Flight Permit NOT be issued? Flying passengers on a scheduled operation
What is the General Rule of thumb for determining if something is a Major or Minor repair? (With Exceptions) If it can be bolted on, and not require any riveting or welding, it is probably minor (With exceptions).
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