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Gen 39

Now Joseph had been taken to WHERE? Egypt
An WHAT named Potiphar? Egyptian
Potiphar, an officer of WHOM? Pharaoh
And the captain of the WHAT? Guards
Bought him from WHOM who had brought him there? The Ishmaelites
The Lord was with Joseph, and he became a WHAT? Successful man
Serving in the household of his WHAT? Egyptian master
When his master saw that WHO was with him? The Lord
And that the Lord made everything he did WHAT? Successful
Joseph DID WHAT with his master? Found favor
And became his WHAT? Personal attendent
Potiphar also put him in charge of his WHAT? Household
And placed all that he owned under his WHAT? Authority
From the time that he put him in charge of WHAT? His household and all that he owned
The Lord DID WHAT to the Egyptian's house because of Joseph? Blessed
The WHAT was on all that he owned? Lord's blessing
In WHAT PLACES? His house and his fields
He left all that he owned under WHAT? Joseph's authority
He did not concern himself with anything except the WHAT? Food he ate
Now Joseph was WHAT? Well-built and handsome
After some time his master's wife DID WHAT at Joseph? Looked longingly
And said, DO WHAT? Sleep with me
But he DID WHAT? Refused
"Look", he said to his master's wife, "With me here my master does not DO WHAT with anything in his house? Concern himself
And he has put all that he owns under my WHAT? Authority
No one in this house is WHAT than I am? Greater
He has withheld WHAT from me except you? Nothing
Because you are his WHAT? Wife
So how could I do this WHAT? Immense evil
And how could I DO WHAT against God? Sin
Although she spoke to Joseph WHEN? Day after day
He refused to DO WHAT with her? Go to bed
Now one day he went into the house to do his WHAT? Work
And none of the WHAT were there? Household servants
She grabbed him by his WHAT? Garment
And said, DO WHAT? "Sleep with me!"
But leaving his garment in her WHAT? Hand
He DID WHAT? Escaped and ran outside
When she saw that he had left his WHAT with her and had run outside? Garment
She called her WHAT? Household servants
"Look", she said to them, "my husband brought a WHAT? Hebrew man
To make WHAT of us? Fools
He came to me so that he could DO WHAT with me? Sleep
And I DID WHAT as loud as I could? Screamed
When he heard me DOING WHAT? Screaming for help
He left his WHAT beside me? Garment
And ran WHERE? Outside
She put WHAT beside her? Joseph's garment
Until his master DID WHAT? Came home
Then she told him the same story: "The WHAT you brought to us? Hebrew slave
Came to make a WHAT of me? Fool
But when I DID WHAT, he left his garment beside me and ran outside? Screamed for help
When his master heard the story his wife told him-"These are the things your slave did to me"- he was WHAT? Furious
And had him thrown into WHAT? Prison
But the Lord was with Joseph and DID WHAT to him? Extended kindness
He granted him favor with the WHAT? Prison warden
The warden put all the prisoners who were in the prison under WHAT? Joseph's authority
And he was WHAT for everything that was done there? Responsible
The warden did not DO WHAT with anything under Joseph's authority? Bother
Because the Lord was with him, and the Lord made everything that he did WHAT? Successful