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Lydia S. Maltese 1

Lydia S. Beginning Maltese Chapter 1

bahar sea
bieb door
cavetta key
cikkulata chocolate
dar house
dan this
fjura flower
familja family
grazzi thank you
gzira island
g.urdien mouse
g.nien garden
ghada tomorrow
ghasfur bird
hekk thus, so
huwa he
tifla girl
tifel boy
vaz.un vase
vapur ship
widna ear
wicc face
xemx sun
xita rain
zija aunt
ziju uncle
z.arbun pair of shoes
z.unz.ana wasp
pultrana an armchair
curkett ring
dak that
fenek rabbit
gallettina cookie
g.urnata day
gharef wise man
h.anut shop
jew or
karrotta carrot
laring.a orange
missier father
nies people
patata potato
qamar moon
rih. wind
sena year
tieqa window
warda rose
xitla plant
zokkor sugar
z.ball mistake
hija she
cena supper
dejjem always
vaganza vacation
gallarjia balcony
g.akketta jacket
ghax because
h.u brother
jannar january
karrozza car
lang.asa pear
malajr soon
nar fire
basla onion
qawl proverb
ritratt photo
sikkina knife
tabib doctor
wied valley
zaghar hair
zalza tomato sauce
z.ejt oil
Created by: Assimineur



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