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Ga Narek Baron Good Evening Sir
Neretsek excuse me
anshusht of course
Parev hello
pari looys good morning
pari irigun good evening
anunet inch e? what is your name
Anunes Jen e My name is Jen
hye armenian person
hygagan an armenian thing (dance, food, etc)
hayeren armenian language
lav okay
agheg okay
aypoopen alphabet
tas class
tasaran classroom
jash food
jasharan restaurant
ye-tall to go
yer-eg yesterday
etch page
e-sal to say
el-lal to be
end-rel to choose/select
en-ger or paregan friend
kho-seel to speak
ns-deel to sit
sa-heel to slide
gar-tal to read
khag-hal to play
k-na-nal to slep
bar-geel to lie down
ar-tn-nal to wake up
tee-ter-nig butterfly
trr-choon bird
t-too sour
tt-kh-mor yeast
zham time/hour
zhamanan deadline has passed
zh-man-ag time (period)
zham-at-sooyts watch/clock
zhib-eed smile
eem mine
eendzee to me
eereegoon evening
eench bes how
low-lig tomatoe
lav good
le-zoo tougne/language
luo-seen moon
ges keesher midnight
ges or afternoon
eench what
eenchoo why
oor where
ka-nee how many
ov who
vor-oo whose
hajees please
khenteelchee no problem
eem my
koo your
eer a-nor his/her
mer our
tser your (pl)
anonts ee-rentz their
ourakh happy
urakhootyoon happiness
bes like
ays bes this way
ayn bes that way
gar-ta read
hartsanel to ask
pan some/thing
dzeeran apricot
ar-doo morning
ts-m-roorn bottoms up
dareek age
ah-see-ga this
ga-doo cat
teev number
tsayn voice
oo-soom education
oo-sa-neel to study/learn
oo-sa-nogh student
oo-soo-tseech teacher
mahd finger
mahdeed pencil
mahdanee ring
mahdnotz thimble
tsoot-sa-mad pointer finger
what does 'notz' do means you wear it, etc ach-notz is glasses tser-notz is gloves
ka-rel to write
k-reech pen
hos here
hon there
ays this
ayn that
aseega this one
aneega that one
vochinch nothing
khaghogh grapes
sekh apple
sokh onion
teghts peaches
sekhdot garlic
agh-dad dirty
amb cloud
ambod cloudy
arev sun
arevod sunny
what does adding 'od' do to words? like adding a y. arev is sun, arevod is sunny
khent crazy
khental to laugh
dzamel to chew
dza-gheeg flower
dzarr tree
dziadzan rainbow
dza-not familiar, to know something
dzer old (age)
heen worn out
dz-ran apricot
ganchel to call
gar-meer red
ganach green
gar-boud blue
ga-beeg monkey
moog mouse
armoob elbow
ash-kharh world
hats bread
hankeest rest
hova-nots umbrella
hav-geet eggs
hav chicken
hakoosd dress/clothes
tsoog fish
ots snake
hak-veel to wear
tsmerr winter
tsioun snow
tsiounemart snowman
ts-mer-oog watermelon
tsee horse
bagh cold
ogh earring
agh salt
aghchig girl
dgha boy
aghvor pretty
ghr-gel to send
ooghd camel
pat duck
pateeg duckling
tak crown
gat milk
yez ox
u lal to be
lal cry
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