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Stack #2824689

Feedback on any type of math homework and what steps to go through Help you prepare for quizzes and test Help you work out the mistakes on old quizzes and test Give you other available other resources Contact phone number is (409)-933-8320 for the lab Email is kmcvey@com.edu The math lab is in the technical vocational building, math lab T-1532
Registration assistance Tutoring Academic mentoring and coaching Career exploration and development workshops Assistance with financial aid application Graduate school preparation Leadership development Phone number contact (409)-933-8525 Twitter, Facebook, Instagram is @TRIOSSCOM Their website is www.com.edu/trio-program There are located at 1200 Amburn Rd, Texas city, Tx 77591 in the student center on the second floor
Academic success and workshops Individual sessions Giving support with goal setting, problem solving, study skills, and communicating skills Their location is in the student success center The phone number for the counseling office is (409)-933-8520 Email is hbankstan@com.edu
Help with students enrolling and successfully completing their course worth or degree plan Readers are available for sight- impaired students and notetakers and interpreters are also available for hearing- impaired students The phone number for the office for the students with disabilities is (409)-933-8570 or (888)-258-8859 The location of the office is in the enrollment center room 158
Student government association Student clubs and organizations Gym facilities and community membership Community leagues and summer camps The phone number for the office is (409)-933-8190 Email is squerrero@gmail.com
Provide tools necessary to realize success both personally and professionally The assist in deciding on your major, seeking employment after graduation or summer jobs. Email contact is mvaldes1@com.edu The office phone number is (409)-933-8124
Help select courses to meet your goals Help better understand core curriculum and access on campus resources Discover how to drop or add a course as well as how to transition to a university The email for the main office is studentsuccesscenter@com.edu The office phone number is (409)-933-8379 It is in the student success center
Determine eligibility for certain college programs Assessing academic achievement and providing various testing alternatives The testing center is in the enrollment center, A -126 Their phone number is (409)- 933-8676 or 1-888-258-8859 also their fax number is (409)-933-8101 Their email is testingcenter@com.edu
Help determine whether you are eligible for federal grants, certain scholarships, and work-study programs The foundation scholarships are awarded yearly to help students pay for tuitions and textbooks Their phone number is (409)-933-8274 Their email is finaid@com.edu
They provide courts to play on and work out equipment to work out. Their phone number is (409)-933-8180 The email is kdrake@com.edu The front desk phone number for gym is (409)-933-8422
Books, ebooks, articles, streaming media, primary sources, college level resources They are located at 1200 Amburn Road, Texas city, Texas 77691 Their phone number is (409)-933-8446 and their fax number (409)-933-8030
Provides work space, up- to- date reference materials and trained tutors to work one-on-one with clients seeking to improve their public speaking, reading, and writing skills. The office is in the technical vocational building Room 1306 The phone number for the office is (409)-933-8702
They provide security for the college facilities and assistance to students, visitors, faculty and staff 24 hours a day, seven days a week, com police department offices regularly patrol campus parking lots. Their phone number is (409)-933-8403 and the fax number is (409)-933-8018 Their email is campuspcom.edu
A lab school on campus for infant, toddler, and preschool children. It also provides evening child care Their phone number (409)-933-8391 Their email is araumaker@com.edu
Created by: ericadickey31