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Liver foot jui yin

Functions of the liver Stores blood during physical activities, and regulates menstruation, controls the sinews regulates smooth flow of qi, opens into the eyes, manifests in the nails, stores the hun.
Where does the primary channel start Lateral aspect of the big toe LIV 1 jing well wood point
What organs does the liver primary connect with Lungs, stomach, liver, gallbladder, It also circles the genitals and the mouth
0.1 cun proximal to the lateral corner of the nail root of the big toe Liv 1 da dun Big mound
Jing well and wood point Liv 1
Regulates qi in the lower jiao, treats shan disorder. Benefits the genitals and adjusts urination Regulates liver qi and stops menstrual bleeding Revives consciousness calms the spirit Liv 1 big mound
On. The dorsum of the foot, between the 1st and 2nd toes,, 0.5 cun proximal to the margin of the web Liv 2 moving between
Clears liver fire Spreads liver qi pacifies liver wind clears heat and stops bleeding Benefits the lower jiao Liv 2 Xiang jian
Ying spring fire point Liv 2
On the dorsum of the foot in the hollow distal to the first and 2nd metatarsal bones Liv 3 tai chong Great rushing
Shu stream and earth point Yuan source point Liv 3 tai chong
Spreads liver qi Subdues liver yang and extinguishes wind Liv 3 Great rushing
Created by: Jkellycal