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Liang - 5


break statement when encountered in a switch statement, control immediately goes to the end of the statement; when encountered in a loop, it immediately terminates the loop
continue statement when encountered, it ends the current iteration of the loop and program control goes to the end of the loop body
do-while loop executes loop body first and then checks the loop continuation condition
for loop loop that has concise syntax
infinite loop a loop whose continuation condition never becomes false
input redirection command that instructs computer to get input from a text file that contains data separated by whitespace characters
iteration a one-time execution of the loop body
loop body the part of the loop that contains the statements to be repeated
nested loop a loop inside of another loop
off-by-one-error executing a loop one more or one less time than required
output redirection command that instructs the computer to send output to a text file
posttest loop loop whose condition is checked after the loop body is executed
pretest loop loop whose condition is checked before the loop body is executed
sentinel value special input value that signifies the end of input
while loop checks the loop condition and executes the loop if and when the condition is true
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