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Liang - 4

Mathematical Functions, Characters, and Strings

char type data type used to represent a single character (' ')
encoding mapping a character to its binary representation
escape character backslash \
escape sequence special notation that consists of a backslash followed by a character or combination of digits
format specifier determines how output is displayed
instance method methods that must be invoked by an instantiated object of the class where they reside or that can access the method
line-based input reading all elements on a line including whitespace characters
static method methods that must be invoked by the class where they reside or that can access the method *
supplementary Unicode characters that go above the original 16-bit limit of the original Unicode
token-based input reading individual elements separated by whitespace characters
Unicode encoding scheme established by the Unicode consortium to support the interchange, processing, and display of written texts in the world's diverse languages
white space character does not correspond to a visible mark, but typically does occupy an area on a page
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