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Frazeologie zkratky

Zkratky z předpisu Radiotelefonní postupy a letecká frazeologie a terminologie..

ACAS Airborne Collision avoidance system
ACAS RA Airborne Collision avoidance system resolution advisory
ADS-B Automatic dependent Surveillance - broadcast
ADS-C Automatic dependent Surveillance - contract
AFIS Aerodrome flight information service
AFTN Aeronautical fixed telecommunication network
AIP Aeronautical information publication
ASMGCS Advanced surface movement guidance and control systems
ATC Air traffic control
ATFM Air traffic flow management
ATIS Automatic terminal information service
ATS Air traffic services
ATZ Aerodrome traffic zone
CAVOK Visibility, cloud and present weather better than prescribed values or conditions
CFMU Central flow management unit
CPDLC Controller-pilot data link communications
CTOT Calculated take-off time
CTR Control zone
DES De-suspension message
DLA Delay
DME Distance-measuring equipment
EOBT Estimated off-block time
EST Estimate
FIC Flight information centre
FIR Flight information region
FL Flight level
FLS Flight suspension message
FPL Flight plan
GBAS Ground-based augmentation system
GNSS Global navigation satellite system
IAS Indicated airspeed
IDENT Identification
IFPS Initial flight plan processing system
IFR Instrument flight rules
ILS Instrument landing system
IMC Instrument meteorological conditions
LVP Low visibility procedures
LVTO Low visibility take-off
MASPS Minimum aviation system performance standards
MIL Military
MLS Microwave landing system
PANS Procedures for air navigation services
PAOAS Parallel approach obstacle assessment surfaces
PAR Precision approach radar
QDM Bearing to equipment (a direction-finding station)
QDR Bearing from equipment (a direction-finding station)
QFE Atmospheric pressure at aerodrome elevation(or at runway treshold)
QNH Altimeter sub-scale setting to obtain elevation when on the ground
RA Resolution advisory
RAIM Reciever autonomous integrity monitoring
RNAV Area navigation
RNP Required navigation performance
RVR Runway visual range
RVSM Reduced vertical separation minimum
RWY Runway
SAM Slot allocation message
SBAS Satellite-based augmentation system
SID Standard instrument departure
SLC Slot cancellation message
SRM Slot revision message
SSR Secondary surveillance radar
STAR Standard instrument arrival
STCA Short-term conflict alert
TCAS Traffic alert and collision avoidance system
TCAS RA Traffic alert and collision avoidance system resolution advisory
TORA Take-off run available
TWR Aerodrome control tower
TWY Taxiway
UHF Ultra high frequency
ULL Ultralight
UTC Coordinated universal time
VFR Visual flight rules
VHF Very high frequency
VMC Visual meteorological conditions
VOR VHF omnibearing radio range
Created by: VencaDanek
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