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Review your vocabulary over copyright for the copyright test

identifying the source of a work Attribution
creator of a work Author/Artist
A form of legal protection given to the creators of "original works of authorship," including literary, dramatic, musical, and artistic works copyright
A violation of the exclusive rights of a copyright holder, such as copying, distributing, or performing the copyright owner's work without permission unless the use is otherwise authorized by law copyright infringement
The length of time the law allows copyright owners to hold the exclusive rights on their original works. copyright term
A new work that translates or transforms one or more original copyrighted works derivative work
A form of communication. Creative ideas alone are not copyrightable expression
One of several legal limitations on the exclusive rights granted to copyright owners. permits a second user to copy part or all of a copyrighted work under certain circumstances, fair use
practice of uploading and downloading digital files (text, audio, video, or image) to and from a computer network where more than one user has access to those files file sharing
Permission granted by the copyright holder to copy, distribute, display, transform and/or perform a copyrighted work license
genre of derivative works that are built by creatively reusing and combining various portions of music, film, audio, and graphics mashup
exaggerated, often comical work that takes elements from the work it comments upon in order to target its point. parody
network of online computers that allows users to share (upload and download) digital files from computer to computer peer-to-peer technology
practice of passing off another author's work or ideas as one's own plagarism
Works that are not restricted by copyright and do not require a license or fee to use public domain
A person, group or organization that has a vested interest in the positive or negative outcome of an action stakeholder
Created by: lorisims