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AST Cert Exam #4

AST Cert Exam #4 - small book and paper quizzes

A TRAM flap would be used for which type of surgery? breast reconstruction
The legal term that means "first do no harm" is: primum non nocere
Bioburden refers to: the degree of microbial contamination
If a surgical sponge was left inside the patient, this would be an example of which legal doctrine? res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for itself)
A wrongful act or an infringement of a right leading to civil legal liability is known as: tort
Which of the following is not an acceptable method of transporting contaminated instruments down the hall following a surgical procedure? in an open meshed bottom tray
A moist sponge is placed into the rectum during a LASER procedure of the anus to: prevent the escape of methane gas
The disinfectant that should not be used on lensed instruments due to the potential for loosening the "cement" around the lens is: isopropyl alcohol
Of the following sutures, which will be adsorbed the quickest? prolene; PDS; dexon; surgical gut surgical gut
When tissue is taken from one part of the body and grafted to another is called an? autograft
A type of graft taken from a different species is known as a? heterograft/xenograft
Which of the following is not one of the carpal bones? hamate; scaphoid; pisiform; scapula scapula
What is not a part of the fire triangle? carbon dioxide
The prefix that designates 1000 times is the basic unit in the metric system for: kilo-
The purpose of keeping the doors shut in the operating room is to: maintain positive pressure
A contrast medium used when performing a cholangiogram is: diatrizoate sodium
Defamation or injury to an individuals character carried out in writing is called: libel
Anesthesia produced by marked cooling is: cryoanesthesia
To decrease airborne contamination and static electricity, the relative humidity in an operating room is maintained at: 50-55%
The removal of devitalized tissue is: debridement
An inadequate blood supply to an organ or part of the body is known as: ischemia
Pressurized water is most effective in containing: class A fires - common combustibles
The process of destroying microorganisms on inanimate objects is: disinfection
The number of milliliters in an ounce is: 30 mL
The purpose of washing hands prior to the surgical scrub is to: remove gross soil and transient microorganisms
Which of the following agents gives off toxic vapors when being mixed? polymethylmethacrylate
If the temperature on the steam sterilizer reads 270 degrees F, what should the pressure reading be? 27 PSI
All of the following are safety precautions when using a LASER except: use of reflective metal instruments
During which phase of wound healing is the strength of the wound limited to the suture holding it together? inflammatory
All of the following are hand procedures except: Le Fort III
The needle gauge most appropriate for local infiltration is: 25 gauge
The scrub has completed the sterile setup when notified that the surgeon will be 30 minutes late. The scrub would then: remain with the sterile field until further notified
An anticoagulant used during vascular surgery that can be reversed with protamine sulfate is: heparin sodium
Which of the following signs would you expect if the patient is hemorrhaging? cool, moist skin
For which of the following wound drains would a sterile safety pin be needed? Penrose drain
The number of milliliters in a cup is: 240 mL
Which type of wound would be classified as a class I for infection: inguinal hernia without break in technique
The minimal temperature required to kill bacterial spores is: 250 degrees F
Control of bleeding is called: hemostasis
The needle point most appropriate for suturing liver, pancreas, or spleen is: blunt
A local anesthetic that is used only topically is: cocaine hydrochloride
All of the following factors delay would healing except: good circulation
Aeration is essential following sterilization by: ethylene oxide gas
A burn that involves the epidermis and part of the dermis layers of the skin and is characterized by redness, swelling, pain and blistering is called a: second-degree burn
A scab or slough produced by a thermal burn is an: eschar
Which stapler would the surgeon need assistance in application? skin stapler
Which is not used as a skin prep when using electrosurgery or LASER? isopropyl alcohol
The stitch that provides the most rapid closure, even distribution of tension, and a leak-proof suture line is: continuous
Another name for mole is: nevus
A 50% solution of dextrose in water means that: there are 50g of dextrose in 100 mL of water
What supplies would be needed for a STSG? mineral oil, wooden tongue blade
Saying that a drug is given "hs" means that: it should be taken at bedtime
Burns are assessed using what parameters? rule of nines
The lungs are covered in a serous membranous sac called the: visceral pleura
An anticoagulant given subcutaneously, intravenously or as a flush is: heparin
The chemical agent used in gas sterilization is: ethylene oxide
Liability is a legal rule that: holds each individual responsible for his/her own actions
If a patient falls because he/she was left unattended, the OR team could be cited in a lawsuit for: abandonment
An OR hazard that has been linked to the increased risk of spontaneous abortion is: waste anesthetic gas
One of the principle muscles of the pelvic floor is the: levator ani
Solu-Medrol is an: anti-inflammatory
A connective tissue band that holds bones together is called: ligament
A drug used to reverse hypotension is: Levophed
The vocal cords are located in the: larynx
The term "ung" refers to: ointment
The thick, fan-shaped muscle that lies on the anterior chest is the: pectoralis major
Ionization radiation protection is afforded by the use of: lead
The triangular muscle of the shoulder that abducts the arm is the: deltoid
A topical antibiotic is: Ancef
Ischemia can be defined as: a decreased blood supply to a body part
The gastrocnemius is the chief muscle of the: calf of the leg
The suffix -lysis means: breaking down
Avitene is a: hemostatic agent
The lower jawbone is the : mandible
The most dependable control measure used to assure that sterile conditions have been met is: biological control test
Radiation exposure can be monitored with: film badges
"Proximal" is a term that indicates a point: near the body
A drug that decreases the tendency of blood platelets to clot is: warfarin sodium
Which of the abdominal muscles originates at the pubic bone and ends in the ribs? rectus abdominis
Miochol is a: miotic
Adduction means: movement toward the medial plane
A systemic agent used to control uterine hemorrhage is: pitocin
Kerat/o refers to: horny
In order to be sterilized, a linen pack must weigh no more than: 12 lbs
An absorbable gelatin hemostatic agent that is often soaked in epinephrine solution is: Gelfoam
The pounds of pressure necessary in a steam sterilizer at 250 degrees F is: 15-17 PSI
Why would gas sterilization be chosen over steam sterilization? it is less damaging to items
The process called cavitation occurs in the: ultrasonic cleaner
The left eye is indicated by the following letters: OS
The right eye is indicated by the following letters: OD
"Slow exhaust" in a gravity displacement steam sterilizer is used for: solutions
While using this mixture, a scavenging system is used to collect vapors: methylmethacrylate
Excessive exposure to radiation can affect the: reproductive organs
The endoflush system: initially cleans resusable channeled instruments
"Nulli-" is a prefix that means: none
The chemical sterilant used in the Steris method of sterilization is: paracetic acid
Each of the following should be applied using dry gloves except: Gelfoam; Avitine; Collastat; Helistat Gelfoam
The function of the trachea is to: conduct air to and from the lungs
A potential safety hazard associated with laser surgery is: eye injury
A cystocele: is a herniation of the urinary bladder
The best measure for staff protection against HIV is: handling all needles and sharps carefully and using barriers to avoid direct contact with body fluids
When using a high-level disinfectant always: rinse items with sterile water before use
Which virus can be transmitted by a needle puncture of splash in the eye? Hepatitis B
Tissue death is called: necrosis
What refers to the process of isolating the surgical site from the rest of the body? surgical draping
What is a type of drape that contains a specific opening to accommodate the surgical incision? fenestrated drape
What is a type of drape used to cover nonoperative sites? non-fenestrated drape
What is a type of drape in which the surgical incision is made through? incise drape
What type of drape is used commonly during eye surgery? aperture drape
What skin preparation products provide a rapid decrease in the level of microorganisms? alcohol and iodine
What is the benefit of using chlorhexidine for the purpose of skin preparation? chlorhexidine has a residual effect of 5 to 6 hours
What is the first level, or bottom, of the pyramid in Maslow's hierarchy of needs? physiological
What is the process in which the surgical technologist rids his/her skin of microorganisms prior to the surgical procedure? surgical scrub process
What is the normal lab value for white blood cells? 5,000 to 10,000/mm3
What is the normal value for red blood cells? 4.3 to 5.9 x 10^6 cells/mm3
What diagnostic procedure is used to determine abnormalities, tumors, disc herniation, or other problems associated with the spinal structures? myelography
What diagnostic procedure aids in the diagnosis of aneurysms, blood clots and vascular occlusions? angiography
What is the preferred patient position for cardiac and thyroid procedures? supine position
What is the preferred patient position for hip replacements and thoracotomies? lateral position
The flow of air from inside the operating room outward is known as: laminar air flow
An example of personal protective equipment is: surgical masks
An example of universal precautions: proper handling of sharps
What is a tool used to assess the level of oxygen saturation of the hemoglobin in the blood and arterial system? pulse oximeter
What is the least effective method for monitoring the patient's core body temperature? head monitoring strip
What are the three most common sizes of scalpel blades? #10, #11, and #15
What is an example of a grasping instrument? forceps
What is an example of a clamping instrument? hemostats
What is an example of a viewing instrument? retractor
What type of instrument is useful for exploring structures such as fistulas, ducts, and vessels? probing instrument
What type of instrument is used to enlarge the openings of structures? dilator
The method of hemostasis that involves the use of instruments to control bleeding is: mechanical hemostasis
What chemical cauterization substances is frequently used to control cervical or nasal bleeding? silver nitrate
What chemical cauterization substance is a potent vasoconstrictor? epinephrine
What is not a common type of suture material? nonmetallic
This surgical technique involves the generation of extreme cold at the end of a probe: cryotherapy
What is the most commonly used substance in cryotherapy? liquid nitrogen
What surgical technique is employed to perform a Greenfield filter placement procedure? radiologic technique
What surgical technique involves the use of video assistance in the equipment? laparoscopic technique
What surgical instrument produces sound waves at a level suitable for cutting tissue? harmonic scalpel
What surgical method uses the combination of irrigation and aspiration simultaneously? phacoemulsification
Which surgical instrument is used primarily for tumor evacuation? CUSA system
The area that is established in order to reduce the potential for sharps-related injury is: neutral zone
What are commonly placed in surgical sites to remove excess fluid accumulation? drains
What type of dressing is used when drainage is expected to be minimal? one-layer dressing
What type of dressing is used when the drainage is expected to be moderate to heavy? three-layer dressing
What type of dressing is sutured into position? bolster dressing
A type of surgical implant that is used to reduce and stabilize fractures of long bones are: rods
A surgical procedure in which therapeutic agents are surgically implanted into the body: brachytherapy
What is a type of surgical implant that is obtained from the patient, an animal, or a cadaver? biologic implant
A surgical implant that is used to re-route blood flow around an obstructed vessel: vascular implant
A bariatric surgical procedure that involves a circular band implanted around the upper portion of a patient's stomach: lap-band procedure
A surgical instrument that is commonly used to perform colonoscopy procedures: endoscope
What is a surgical instrument that is commonly used to visualize the vagina, cervix and vulva? colposcope
What is an intensely hot, precisely focused beam of light designed to alter or destroy target tissue? LASER
A partial representation of a tissue or entity that requires further evaluation: specimen
What type of biopsy requires the entire lesion to be removed to test for clean tissue margins after removal? excision biopsy
What type of specimen is sent without any preservatives? fresh sample
What is the only difference when dealing with bullet specimens? bullets must be processed differently because they will become police evidence
What surgical instruments consist of several robotic arms that are directed by a surgeon? da Vinci Surgical System
What surgical instrument is a computer-based technology in which a surgical procedure is based on a starting point in space? Stealth Surgical Navigation
What is the most common injury incurred due to faulty laparoscopic cautery? tissue and vessel damage
The federal policy requiring all users of medical devices to report any incident that cause illness, injury, or death of a patient is known as: Safe Medical Devices Act
When is not an appropriate time to perform an instrument count? during the surgical procedure
What should be performed if an instrument used during a surgical procedure cannot be verified and reconciled? obtain an x-ray of the surgical site
Which two individuals are responsible for the surgical count? surgical technologist and circulator
What refers to the act in which the patient is made aware of the procedure, the risks, benefits and outcome of the procedure? surgical consent
The commission or omission of an act that results in a negative outcome: negligence
The 1998 legislation that contains eight areas that consumers have the right to expect regarding health care: Patient Bill of Rights
A detailed summary of the surgical procedure: operating room record
The level of moral accountability that a surgical technologist must have when dealing with the health and welfare of another individual is known as: surgical conscience
The most critical responsibility of a surgical technologist: ensure sterile technique in the OR
The destruction of all microorganisms on inanimate surfaces: sterilization
The accepted standard mode of sterilization for items that are not heat, moisture or temperature sensitive: steam sterilization
The number of microbes residing on items to be sterilized: bioburden
What is the most common reason for sterilization failures? lack of contact between steam and surface of surgical items
What is a type of sterilization used for items that are heat and moisture sensitive? ethylene oxide sterilization
What is a device that contains a preset number and specific types of microorganisms that are destroyed when exposed to sterilization? biological indicator
What is the biological indicator for steam sterilizers? spores of B. stearothermophilus
What is the biological indicator for EtO? Bacillus subtilis
The procedure designed to check for air entrapment within the chamber of a sterilizer: Bowie-Dick test
According to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, what is the primary purpose and function of packaging material? to ensure sterility until the instrument is used
What is NOT a performance standard that must be met by packaging material? packaging material must be water, steam and heat resistant
What is the membrane that is attached to and covers the lungs? visceral pleural membrane
What is the medical term used to describe the action of intestinal smooth muscle layers? peristalsis
What refers to the small, bony projections between the transverse spinous processes and the vertebral bodies? pedicles
What suffix refers to inflammation? -itis
What does the acronym COPD stand for? chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
What congenital anomalies does the acronym VSD refer to? ventricular septal defect
What does CHF refer to? congestive heart failure
What describes the level of Hydrogen ions in a solution? pH
What acronym means to administer a medication on an as-needed basis? p.r.n.
A disruption or alteration in the integrity of the bony structure of the skeleton: fracture
A type of fracture in which the bone penetrates the soft tissue, muscle and skin: compound fracture
What stage of wound healing begins approximately three days post-surgery? proliferative phase
What surgical wound carries a 10% to 15% infection rate? class III surgical wound
What is the method of tissue handling that minimizes cell destruction? Halsted's Principles of Surgery
What may result from an ineffective surgical wound closure? dead space
The type of anesthetic that requires exsanguination of blood from an extremity: IV regional anesthetic
The process of alternating anesthetic injections and aspirating spinal fluid is known as: barbotage
A white, isotonic solution used to achieve a state of altered consciousness ranging from mild sedation to deep anesthesia: propofol
What is commonly used for conscious sedation during minor surgical procedures? midazolam
An agent that can cause illness or disease to the host: pathogen
The ability of a microbe to cause disease: virulence
The ability of a microorganism to produce disease-causing poisons: toxigenesis
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