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Ext pts legs & feet

10 points on the tip of the toes Qi duan Extreme qi
8 points on the dorsal aspect of the foot, in depression 0.5 ncun proximal to the web margins of toes Ba feng Eight winds
On the underside of the second toe, at the midpoint of the distal interphalangal joint crease Du yin Yin alone
On the sole of the foot, between 2nd and 3rd metatarsal-phalange joint (opposite nei ting st-44) Li nei ting Inner nei ting
On the backside of the heel, in the center at the border of the red and white flesh Nu xi Woman’s knee
On the right leg, between zu san li (ST 36) & shang lu xu (St 37), at the most painful pressure point (usually 1-2 cun distal to ST 36) Lan wei xue Appendix point
On the right leg 1-2 cun inferior to yang ling qyan (GB 34) at the most painful pressure point. Dan nang xue Gallbladder point
Posterior to yang ling quan (GB 34), posterior/inferior to the head of the fibula Ling hou Behind the mound
On the knee on both sides of the patellar ligament, in the hollows just below the patella when the knee is flexed Xi yan Eyes of the knee
In the depression at the midpoint of the superior border of the patella He ding Crane’s head
1 cun proximal to xue hai (SP 10) Bai chong wo Nest of 100 worms
0.5 cun lateral and 0.5 cun inferior to the midpoint between the buttock crease and the popliteal crease midline Xin da xi xue New big xi point
1.5 cun bilateral to st 34 Kuan gu
Created by: Jkellycal