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Ext pts, head & neck

4 points at the vertex of the head, one cun anterior, posterior and lateral to Bai hui (du 20) Sh shen cong 4 mind intelligence
At midpoint between medial aspect of eyebrows in line with tip of nose (level with top of eyebrow arch) Yin tang Hall of impression
In center of eyebrow, in depression directly above pupil(with eyes lookin straight ahead) Yu yao Fish waist
At junction of lateral 1/4 and medial 3/4 of infraorbital margin Qiu hou Behind the ball
In depression 1 finger-breath lateral to midpoint of outer canthus of eye and lateral end of eyebrow. (Sj23 &gb1) Tai yang Supreme yang
When the ear is folded forward, this point lies at the apex of the ear. Er jian Tip of the ear
At highest point of nasolabial groove (at the top of outer nostril where it meets body of the nose Bi tong AKA:shang ying xiang Upper welcome fragrance
Inside nasal cavity, opposite shang ying xiang (bi tong) Nei ying xiang Inner welcome fragrance
On back of neck,1 cun bilateral and 2 cun superior to dazhui (Du 14) Bai Lao Hundrd taxations
Behind ear, midway between yi feng (SJ17) & feng chi (gb 20) An mian Peaceful sleep
Behind the ear, 1 cun posterior to yi feng (TB17) Yi ming Opacity brighter
1 cun bilateral to cheng jiang (Ren 24) jia cheng jiang Beside jam shelf
On the underside of the tongue on the large veins on either side of the frenulum Jin Jin (left) golden liquid Yu Ye (right) jade fluid
On underside of the tongue in the center of the frenulum, between jin jin and yu ye Hai quan Sea spring
I the center of the dorsum (top) of the tongue Ju quan Gathering spring
On the anterior midline, between the mandible and the hyoid bone Shang lian quan Upper border spring
2.5 cun directly inferior to feng chi (gb 20) Xin she New construction
0.5-1 cun anterior to the earlobe, level with the midpoint of the earlobe (palpate to find the most tender spot) Qian zheng Pull and rectify
On the posterior midline below the spinous process of C6 Chong Gu Lofty bone
2 cun bilateral to the lower border of the spinous process of C6 Xue Ya Dian Blood pressure point
1 cun above yin tang E zhong
Lower 1/3 of the philtrum Ding shen
Created by: Jkellycal