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Palpitate point loc

St 25 Palpate the lateral border of the rectus abdominis, halfway between the umbilicus
St 36 Zu San Li Palpate te lower border of the tibial tuberosity, 1 finger-breadth lateral Or 1 cun inferior to GB-34, 1 finger-breadth lateral to anterior crest of the tibia
Sp 9 Yin ling quan Palpate along the posterior border of the medial crest of the tibia, between the pes anserinus superficialis and the belly of the gastrocnemius
SI-11 Tian zong Midpoint of the scapular spine, upper and middle third of the scapula, in the depression on the infraspinatus
UB 10 Tian zhu First, palpate GB-20 at the lower border of the occiput and between the insertion of the SCM & Trapezius, from there go medial and inferior until the bulge of the trapezius
Kid -10 Knee flexed palpate the semitendinosus and semimembranosus Needle towards the tibial tuberosity
SJ-4 Palpate the depression between the tendons of the extensor digiti minimi and extensor digitorum Needle towards the radial aspect of the wrist
GB-21 Midpoint from the midpoint and the acromion on the highest point of the trapezius
Liv-8 Qu quan Flexed knee with slight external hip rotation, at the popliteal crease between the semimembranosus and gracilis
CV-4 Find the ASIS, then go to the mid line,
CV-12 Zhong Wan On the midline, between the sterno costal angle and umbilicus
DU 4 Ming men Highest point of the iliac crest, spinous process of L4, palpate to L2 for the point
Ub 13 Find the spine of the scapula, follow it to T3. 1.5 cun lateral
UB 17 Angle of the scapula move to mid line T7 (slightly inferior). 1.5 cun lateral
UB 23 Illiac crest to mid lin L2, climb 2 vertibrea Or lower level of the ribs to the midline 1.5 cun lateral
BL 31-34 Sacral foramen 1-4 Usually feel the second foramen (not the first)
Gb 30 2/3 the distance between the sacral hiatus and the grater trochanter
HUAN GUANG Medial between greater trochanter and the sacral hiatus
Anmian Midway between gb12 and gb20 on the lower border of the occiput
Created by: Jkellycal