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What are the three main pathogens and which is the most significant? 1) Corynebacterium diptheriae: most significant 2) Corynebacterium jeikeium 3) Rhodococcus equi
What are the selective media for C. diptheriae and what do the colonies look like? 1) Cystine-Tellurite Blood Agar: black/gray colonies with garlic odor 2) Modified Tinsdale Agar: black with dark brown halo's 3) Loeffler's: minute gray colonies, granules inside the cells called Babes-Ernst bodies which can be seen with Alberts Stain.
What test is used to demonstrate that a C. diptheriae organism can produce the exotoxin? The ELEK test
What test can measure the degree of immunity to diptheria? The Schick Test
What is one way to differentiate C. diptheriae from C. jeikeium biochemically? C. diptheriae is nitrate positive while C. jeikeium is nitrate negative but pyrazinamidase positive
Which organism produces a salmon-pink colony on BAP agar? Rhodococcus eqi