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AST Cert Exam #3

Which cranial nerve is affected by trigeminal neuralgia? V
What is used to lubricate the donor site and reduce friction from the dermatome? Mineral Oil
Which of the following is an example of proper sterile technique when performing the prep for a STSG? Donor site first
What is the recommended range of intra-abdominal pressure in an adult patient when using an insufflator during a laparoscopic prodecure? 12-15 mm Hg
Which of these terms refers to the inability to direct both eyes at the same object? Strabismus
What procedure is performed to correct chronic cerebral ischemia? Endarterectomy
According to the Rule of Nines, what percentage is assigned to the front and back of the trunk? 18%
Which term refers to an abnormal increase in the number of cells? Hyperplasia
A second intention wound heals by: Granulation
Intraoperative ventricular arrhythmias are treated with: Lidocaine
How many milliliters equals two ounces? 60
Covering a sterile backtable for later use is: Not permissible under any circumstances
In which position would a patient be placed to counteract hypovolemia? Trandelenburg
Which of the following types of suture creates the least tissue trauma and drag? Swaged monofilament
Which organization has legal oversight for the safety of healthcare providers in the work place? OSHA
Which level of Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs is most applicable to the surgical patient? Physiological and survival
Which of the following would be incorrect technique when removing the sterile gown and gloves? Gloves removed first
Which type of procedure might require a laparoscopy combination drape? Abdominoperineal resection
Cell destruction by steam sterilization occurs by: Coagulation of protein
Which technique is not acceptable when draping? Unfold drape before bringing up to the OR table
A patient's fingernail polish is removed to: Allow for use of pulse oximeter
What is the purpose of maintaining the air exchange rate at 15-20 times per hour in the OR? Reduce microbial count
How many mL of water is necessary to inflate a 5 mL balloon on the Foley indwelling catheter? 10
If an ophthalmologist orders trimming of eyelashes, how is it safely performed? Fine scissors coated with water-soluble gel
What is the correct technique for performing the surgical skin prep? Incision site to periphery using circular motion
The laboratory test that determines the ratio of erythrocytes to whole blood is: Hematocrit
What is the proper procedure to follow when a pack of sponges contains an incorrect number after the patient has entered the OR? Hand off the sterile field and isolate
Which of the following types of specimens would not be placed in a preservative solution? Calculi
Where should the surgical tech begin when performing closing counts? Operative field
Which of the following catheter tips is used in a patient with a urethral stricture? Coude
Which type of procedure would require a stent dressing? Neck
Which of the following is used in order to ensure preservation of the facial nerve during a parotidectomy? Nerve stimulator
Which of the following hemostatic agents is contraindicated for use in the presence of infection? Absorbable collagen
During closure of nephrectomy in the lateral position, the OR table is straightened to facilitate: Tissue approximation
Which of the following must be tested prior to the use of a fiberoptic bronchoscope? Light source
Excision of a constricted segment of the aorta with reanastomosis is performed to correct: Coarctation of the aorta
For which of the following diagnoses would a patient undergo endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography? Choledocholithiasis
The high ligation of the gonadal veins of the testes performed to reduce venous plexus congestion is a Varicocelectomy
Trauma to which two of the following cranial nerves would result in the loss of smell and vision I and II
Which of the following is performed for suspected ectopic pregnancy? Culdocentesis
Which of the following is a procedure for treatment of glaucoma? Iridectomy
What procedure is performed to immobilize the jaw following a mandibular fracture? Arch bar application
Which of the following total arthroplasty procedures would require the postoperative use of an abduction splint? Hip
Untreated acute otitis media may result in: Mastoiditis
Which of the following is used intraoperatively to assess vascular patency? Doppler ultrasound
Which of the following is the body's primary source of energy? Carbohydrates
What is compressed during rapid-sequence induction and intubation? Cricoid cartilage
What term refers to the spread of cancerous cells to other parts of the body? Metastasis
The shared passageway for food and air is the: Pharynx
The structure that lies along the posterior border of the testis is the: Epididymis
The valve between the left atrium and the left ventricle is the: Bicuspid
Which characteristic describes an amphiarthrosis? Slightly movable
What is the most abundant ion in the body? Calcium
Which of the following is a method of bacterial survival when environmental conditions are not conductive to growth and viability? Spore formation
What organ detects changes in the level of insulin and releases chemicals to regulate the level of blood glucose? Pancreas
What does the term strike-through mean? Soaking of moisture from unsterile to sterile layers
Which of the following monitoring devices would be used within a vessel? Swan Ganz
When adding 30 mL of injectable saline to 30 mL of 0.5% Marcaine, what strength does the drug become? 0.25%
What action should be taken if the patient has withdrawn the surgical informed consent prior to surgery? Do not transport patient; inform surgeon
Confining and containing instruments with bioburden prevents which of the following? Cross-contamination
The unsterile size of the perimeter of a sterile wrap is: 1 inch
A substance that inhibits the growth and reproduction of microbes on living tissue is an Antiseptic
What action should be taken by the transporter if a discrepancy occurs in the identification of a patient in the nursing unit? Do not transport; inform unit supervisor and OR personnel
A patient may be asked to shower at home with an antimicrobial soap before coming to the hospital for surgery to: Achieve a cumulative antimicrobial effect
What are the sequential steps performed prior to entrance into the sterile field? Scrub, gown, glove
Which area is prepped last when performing the skin prep for a Bartholin's cystectomy? Anus
The sterile surgical tech should drape a table from: Front to back
Which of the following can be injured if the arm is placed on the arm board greater than 90 degrees? Brachial plexus
What is the purpose of the third lumen in a three-way indwelling Foley catheter? Instill irrigation fluids
Which of the following enlarges and illuminates the surgical field during cataract procedures? Operating microscope
Small radiopaque surgical patties used during cranial procedures are: Cottonoids
Which of the following hemostatic agents must be applied dry and only handled with dry gloves? Avitene
Which surgical specialty would utilize a phacoemulsification machine? Ophthalmology
Which of the following lasers would be contraindicated for use in the posterior chamber of the eye? Carbon dioxide
In which structure of the heart are the leads for the permanent pacemaker placed? Right ventricle
For which of the following diagnoses would a patient require pancreaticojejunostomy? Alcoholic pancreatitis
In which procedure would a Bookwalter retractor be used? Retropubic prostatectomy
Which cranial nerve is severed as a last resort treatment of Meniere's disease? VIII - Vestibulocochlear
Brachytherapy is performed to treat: Cervical cancer
Which procedure is performed to improve the vision of patients with myopia? Radial keratotomy
The facial fracture that involves the complete separation of the maxilla from the cranial base is a: LeFort I
Where is the incision for a Caldwell-Luc procedure made? Canine fossa
The device for real-time intraoperative assessment of blood flow is a Doppler
A chemical reaction that provides energy by the breakdown of food is: Catabolism
Which structure of the ear is responsible for equilibrium? Semicircular canals
The first step of urine production when fluids and dissolved substances are forced through a membrane by pressure is called: Glomerular filtration
The adipose tissue overlying the symphysis is the: Mons pubis
The cranial nerve that regulates secretion of gastric juices is the: X - Vagus
Phagocytosis by the WBC is an example of which line of defense? Second
When opening a sterile wrapper, the unsterile person should open the first corner: Away from self
Which of the following is the least inert of the synthetic meshes? Polyester fiber
What radiopaque contrast medium is used intraoperatively when the patient is alergic to iodine? Renografin
Which of the following legal terms would apply to a case when a non-English speaking patient signs a surgical informed consent in English, but does not fully understand it? Assault and battery
Which of the following psychosocial factors is important for the surgical team to address for pediatric patients? Separation anxiety
What is the surgical tech's role during the transfer of the patient from the OR bed to the stretcher? Maintains sterility and integrity of backtable
When breaking down the sterile field, what should the surgical tech should place the grossly contaminated instruments into? Basin with sterile water
How many minutes are unwrapped instruments with no lumens sterilized at 270 degrees F? 3 minutes
What is the recommended method of hair removal from an operative site? Clippers with disposable heads
Which of the following must be in the chart prior to the patient being taken to the OR per The Joint Commission? History and physical
An identification bracelet is placed on a surgical patient upon admission to the: Facility
To maintain control of the stretcher, the patient should be transported to the OR: Feet first
At which point is it appropriate to lower the leg when draping for a knee arthroscopy? After the tourniquet has been inflated
Which structure regulates the amount of light entering the eye? Iris
A capillary network of blood vessels within the renal cortex that functions as a filter is called the: Glomerulus
The kidneys are located in the: Retroperitoneal space
The most abundant extracellular ion necessary for the transmission of impulses is: Sodium
The set of teeth that erupt at about 6 months of age and are later replaced are the: Deciduous teeth
What is a frequently used IV barbiturate for general anesthesia induction? Thiopental
Which of the following arteries does not arise directly from the aorta? Vertebral
How long must an item be immersed in glutaraldehyde to be sterile? 10 hours
Which chemical substance causes the immune system to form antibodies? Antigens
What is a surgical procedure for the Tx of acute otitis media? Myringotomy
How is the patient positioned on the OR table for a knee arthroscopy? Supine, knee at lower break
Which of the following instrument sets will be needed when a frontal sinus fracture repair is performed? Craniotomy
Which of the following procedures is performed for cervical incompetence? Shirodkar
What surgical instrument is used to visualize the prostate and remove tissue during a TURP? Resectoscope
Which of the following facilitates exposure for thyroidectomy? Interscapular pillow
Which of the following needles would be used for a liver Bx? Tru-Cut
Why is cardioplegia used? Cause diastolic arrest
What is the risk if a tourniquet is inflated for a prolonged period of time? Tissue necrosis
What type of specialty equipment uses liquid nitrogen and is often utilized to repair retinal detachments? Cryotherapy unit
What is done to the umbilicus during the abdominal skin prep? Prepped separately with cotton applicators
An axillary role is placed for lateral positioning to: Facilitate respiration
Which nerve could be damaged by improperly padded stirrups? Peroneal
Frozen sections are sent to pathology: Immediately, without preservative
Which of the following procedures would be performed with the patient in the lateral position? Nephrectomy
Which heat-resistant, spore-forming Bacillus does the steam sterilization biological indicator contain? G. stearothermophilus
The process by which blood cells are formed is known as: Hemopoiesis
The pacemaker of the heart is the: SA node
Thought processes take place in the: Cerebral cortex
Kantrex, bacitracin or Ancef mixd with saline for irrigation would do what? Inhibit SSI
Which of the following sterilizers operates with condition, exposure, exhaust and dry cycles? Gravity air displacement
Preoperative bladder drainage prior to a D & C would be performed with which of the following catheters? 14 Fr. Robinson
In the OR, HEPA is a type of: Air filter
What precaution is utilized to prevent cardiovascular complications when positioning an anesthetized patient? Move patient slowly
Why is the orientation of the vein graft reversed during a CABG? Presence of valves
Which of the following neurosurgical retractors is handheld? Cushing
Which of the following incisions may be used for the repair of a zygomatic Fx? Below lower eyelid
The principle male hormone produced in the testes is: Testosterone
All of the following statements are true for paper-plastic peel packs, except: Staples are an acceptable method of closure
Following a TURP, a patient may have which of the following placed for bladder irrigation and compression? 3-way Foley
Which of the following is a correct statement when using the closed-gloving technique? Hand must not extend beyond cuffs
What drainage device is preferred for a radical neck dissection? Jackson-Pratt
Which arteries are formed by the bifurcation of the abdominal aorta? Iliac
The basic unit of the nervous system is the: Neuron
The correct sterilization times required to render specific items sterile are initially established by the: Equipment manufacturer
What procedure involves a series of treatments that result in permanent placement of prosthetic teeth? Dental implants
In addition to temperature, time and moisture, what other factor determines the outcome of the steam sterilization process? Pressure
The inner lining of the uterus is the: Endometrium
Which of the following sterilization processes is most economical? Steam
The basic, living structural and functional unit of the body is known as the: Cell
The roof of the mouth is formed by the: Hard and soft palates
In which position would a patient be placed following a tonsillectomy? Lateral
What classification of drug reduces tissue inflammation? Steroids
What is the result of adding epinephrine to a local anesthetic? Prolong anesthetic effect
Which of the following is not a type of sterilizing agent? Boiling water
A diagnostic procedure performed for patients with possible prostatic cancer is known as a: Needle biopsy
How many hours is the steam biological indicator incubated? 24 hours
What agent is used to flush the harvested saphenous vein during a CABG? Heparinized saline
In which of the following cases might the surgeon use a Gigli saw? Craniotomy
Low level disinfectants kill most microbes, but typically do not destroy: Spores
Polymethyl methacrylate would most likely be used in which of the following procedures? Total knee arthroplasty
Which of the following items should not be sterilized by dry heat? Linen packs
What is a Verres needle used for during a laparoscopy? Instill CO2
Which method uses ultrasonic energy to fragment the lens? Phacoemulsification
In which of the following procedures would fine hooks of various angles be used? Stapedectomy
Which incisional approach would be used for a splenectomy? Left subcostal
During a strabismus correction, resection has a greater effect on which muscle? Lateral rectus
What is the best site for obtaining cortical bone graft? Iliac crest
Which of the following is a non-electrolytic and isotonic solution used during a TURP? Glycine
The structures that allows the eardrum to vibrate freely and connects the middle ear and the oropharynx is the: Eustachian tube
Which of the following procedures may require use of a manometer the check CSF pressure? Ventriculoperitoneal shunt
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