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2a753 self test ?s

2a753 self test questions

What do you use a riveting hammer for Driving rivets and light chiseling
What are you most likely doing when using a setting hammer Double Seaming lids and bottoms and making seams and elbows
If you must form concave shapes in soft metal which type of hammer do you use for best results Stretching
What type and size of hammer do you use to center punch holes for drilling 8 ounce ball peen
What type of hammering tool is selected for finishing purposes Plain faced
When is a center punch used Prior to drilling or punching
What type of punch is used to establish location points when laying out patterns on sheet stock Prick
What is another name for a drift punch Taper
What punch is used to remove rivet Shanks from drilled holes Pin
What two functions can be performed with a steel rule Measurements and straight edge
When do you use a scriber Making cut lines
What types of measuring functions can be done with dividers Measuring distance between two points for transferring or comparing measurements directly from a
What do you use the protractor head of the combination set for To draw lines at zero to 180°
Why is a center punch used instead of a prick punch to locate the center as a post to be drilled Center has a bigger point to make a deeper depressions
What do you measure with a depth gauge Depth of corrosion pits
What must you do before measuring anything with the depth gauge Zero it out
What formula is used to determine the depth of a pit (A+B)/2-C=D
What is the preferred unit of measurement when using a scale Grams
Why should you keep the scale free of foreign residues Any residue left behind adversely affects the future use
If you must cut out a triangle from a thin piece of metal which type of snips give you the best results Straight
When using Straight snips to cut out a circle why should the cutting direction be counterclockwise To allow seeing the cutting lines
If you must enlarge a small hole in a piece of metal which type of snips do you use Aviation
If you are using the upper blade is a guide during a cutting operation what kind of snips are you probably using Aviation
What type of file cut do you use to sharpen shears or snip Single
What type of file is best suited for common filing operations Flat
What type of file is used for filing cutters and taps Triangle
Why is pressure on the backstroke usually not permitted when filing Cutting teeth slant forward and the pressure on the backstroke will break them off
When should you use a slight pressure on the backstroke while filing Filing very soft metals
How should material for cross filing be positioned in a vice Nearby is jaws to prevent vibration and if surface is straight, parallel to the top of the vise
When do you draw file a piece of metal When he finer service is required
What is the main precaution to remember when using a file Always use a file handle
What are the correct uses of the flat chisel Chipping in cutting sheet metal, hands off screws in flat stock
What are half round nose and cape chisels used for Half round nose cut concave grooves; the Cape cut grooves, slots, keyways and chips flat surfaces that are too narrow for a flat chisel
What is the correct use of the diamond point chisel To cut v shaped grooves
When sharpening a chisel what may soften it and cause it to lose hardness Pressing too hard against the wheel and allowing too much heat
What type in pitch of blade do you use when you must cut solid aluminum All hard blade with 18 teeth per inch
Which blade pitch gives the best results when you must cut a 12 foot length of angle iron into 12 equal sections 24 teeth per inch
What is the recommended pitch for cutting thin wall tubing 32 teeth per inch
Why is it necessary for a hacksaw blade to have a “set” To allow clearance for the
What are three types of blades set Alternating, undulated, Raker
When using a hacksaw how can you position a stock to obtain the best results Clamping it in a vise providing as much bearing surface as possible so the greatest number of teeth on the blade will engage
Which stroke forward or backward is the cutting stroke Forward
What type of level sheer is used to make cuts on the inside of a sheet of metal Scroll
Why is it possible to cut any length or width of cut with a throatless shear Because the frame of the shear and never obstructs the cutting operation
Describe the procedure is for squaring a piece of metal with a manually operated squaring shear Insert middle between blade and cut off approximately 1/4 of an inch of metal, square remaining edges by holding trimmed edge against the side gauge and making cuts one edge at a time
When do you adjust the back gate on and manually operated squaring shear When the metal is not cutting square
How does the operation of the whole down on a power operated Square in shear differ from a manually operated Square in shear The whole down is automatically lowered on the power operating Square in shear when a cut is made
What must you do before operating a power operated squaring shear Check data plate to ensure a metal is being cut within capacity of the machine and in sure the machine is clear of material and personnel
If you must remove the damage section of a stringer what type of power operated saw do you select Ketts’s circle
For cutting square or rectangular cut outs which type of saw should you select Reciprocating
Why is the reciprocating saw able to cut almost any shape of cut out Because of an adjustable collar
What action can be taken to prevent the blade from breaking or bending when using the reciprocating saw Don’t apply to much down pressure on the handle
When selecting a sawblade to use in a contour metal cutting saw what factor concerning the pitch of saw Blade must you consider At least two teeth on a cutting surface at all times
What factor determines the size of the inserts used on the guide blocks of a contour metal cutting saw Width of the saw blade
When adjusting the tension on the newly installed sawblade what is the general rules to follow Hey taught tension is preferred because it prevents the blade from twisting or wavering
How do you know when I saw blade is tracking properly The sawblade runs in the guides with its back edge touching the rollers
How high should the post be adjusted from the worktable Thickness of metal 1/8th of an inch
What type of safety equipment must be used when operating a contour metal cutting saw Darkness, insufficient set, broken teeth, and faulty welds
If you must grind cast-iron Materials which type of grinding wheel is recommended Silicone carbide
Which type of grinding wheel do you selected the part being ground requires a highly polished surface Rubber bonded
What must you do before sharpening a chisel on a grinding wheel Dress abrasive wheel
When you have completed the dressing operation how far from the grinding wheel should you adjust the tool rest 1/8 of an inch max
What should you do to cracked grinding wheels Discard them
What safety equipment must be worn when using a grinding wheel Goggles
What are three different types of powered Sanders Disc, belt, combo disc/belt
What are two types of sanding discs Preglued, and those that require glue
On the belt sander what parts are removed to replace the belt? How is the belt adjusted? Top side covers, rotator adjustment screws, located on top of the sander until the belt tracks in the middle of the sanding pad
On the rotary punch why do you send a punch holes to be punched To a sure the definite location to be pierced
What procedure can you use to check the alignment of the dies on a rotary punch Punch several thicknesses of stiff paper and check cut out area for cut out clearance between dies
What adjustments must be made before using a bar folder Material thickness, fold width, sharpness and angle
What is the largest depth of plans you can make on the bar folder 1Inch
What do you do to apply pressure to the metal be informed with a bar folder Pull the operating handle toward you
What is the largest flange depth That you can form on a cornice break Unlimited
How many degrees must you add on to allow for spring back when using a cornice break 3°
If the bending leaf on a cornice break is properly adjusted what should the clearance be at the center and ends Edge of the leaf should be 1/32 of an inch below the bed and 1/64 of an inch below the bed edge
How can you check to ensure the bending leaf is not bode Use a straight edge
How does a box and pan break differ from a cornice break Clamping leaf is divided into sections called fingers and shoes
What advantage does a box and pan brake have over a cornice break Permits forming of all four sides of a box without distorting any of the finished bends
What factor determines the adjustments on the cornice and box and pan brakes Thickness of metal to be bent
What shapes may be formed with the slip roll former Cylinders and permanent curves
Which roller of the slip roll former is moved to decrease the radius of forming Lower rear roller
If they cylinder is over formed on one end and under formed on the other one mistake was made in using the hand operated slip roll former Lower rear roller was not adjusted to produce the same radius at both ends of the cylinder
How should you clean the rollers on a slip roll forming machine Steel wool and a dry rag and wipe with oiled rag
What happens to the flange when the movements of the jaws on a shrinking and stretching machine moved in word Flange is shrunk
What direction do the jaws move on a shrinking and stretching machine when stretching middle Down and out word
What causes bleeding or cracking of the flange being formed Applying repeated strokes to one spot on the flange
When using a shrinking and stretching machine what is the procedure for feeding the work to ensure effective forming Enter work piece to the center of the jaws and feed the work through the machine in equal distances for stroke of the jaws
What should you do to ensure proper movement of the forming jaws Periodically remove the Jaws, disassemble them and clean them of grease and metal deposits
When pressing an anti-friction bearing where on the bearing should place the RAM Squarely on the face
Define the forming term bumping Forming or shaping metal by hammering or pounding
Why do you crimp metal To make one end of a section of pipe slightly smaller so it slip fits into the plain end of a similar section of pipe
Describe the common method used to stretch a flat piece of metal Force metal outward towards the edges by hammering on areas supported by an anvil or similar base support
Describe the shrinking process Compressing or forcing material into a smaller area
When forming aluminum what type of hardwood material is recommended for fabricating form blocks Ash and maple
What type of Forming blocks do you select if you want to form a piece of metal by crimping. Shrinking blocks
What is usually used for support during the forming process of bumping Sandbags
What stake is to be used for riveting pipes and elbows Conductor
What stake is to be used for support when laying down double seems on small cylindrical objects Double Seaming
What stake is to be used for tube forming Candle mold
What stake is to be used for Forming irregular shaped objects Round head
What stake is to be used for making straight line Bends Hatchet
When stretching a flange using a v block where should you hammer the metal Always directly above the V into the block
How can you make sure you will not over form a flange when you are stretching and extruded angle on A V block Make a full size, accurate pattern that you can use to check the accuracy of the part being formed
How can you recognize when a piece of metal being formed his work hardening Lack of spring back or bending response
If you are using a V block to shrink a flange in what direction do you point the flange to be shrunk Upward
Why is the V block method of shrinking a flange preferred over the shrinking block method Because it’s easier and faster and affects the metal less
Why do you strike the edge of the flange at a slight angle went straight you need flange on a v block Keeps the vertical flange from bending outward
When do you use the shrinking block method of shrinking a flange When the curve in the form the angle is to be quite sharp or when the flanges of the angle or rather broad
Why should crimps be kept as small as possible To reduce difficulty in working out the crimps
What factors determine the size of a crimp Thickness and softness of metal
Where do you position additional crimps when you’re performing a second crimping process to complete a crimping job Between the original crimps
If you form a flanged angle with the flange pointed toward the inside of the flange what must you do to the metal on the flange Shrink it
what type of blocks do you use when flanging angles wooded form blocks
where do you start hammering when forming a flanged angle by shrinking near the center
what effect does the material composition of the form block have on the type of hammer used determines type of hammer you use
How does the hammering procedure for forming a flange angle by stretching differ from that required for shrinking Shrinking-start from center and work the flange down gradually towards both ends. Stretching-start at the ends and work to center
What must you do to the metal to form convex flanges shrink it
What's used to keep the metal being formed from shifting within the form blocks during the forming operation? alignment pins
Why is one form block undercut when you're forming curved convex and concave flanges to allow for springback
When forming curved parts, why is the concave curve formed first helps keep the flange from splitting open or cracking when metal is being stretched
When forming curved concave flanges why do you hammer at the ends and work toward the middle? permits some of the excess metal along the tapered portion of the flange to be worked into the curve where it's needed
Where do you start hammering when you're forming curved convex flanges? at the center
What procedures can you follow to reduce the possibility of buckles and splitting or cracking when formed curved convex flanges? keep the edges of the flange as nearly perpendicular tot he forming block as possible
The finish dimension of a die used for bumping should be the same as what dimension of part being formed outside dimension
Why should the hold down plate used during bumping be just tight enough to hold the material flat against the face of the form block? SO THE METAL CAN BE DRAWN INTO THE FORM BLOCK
how much metal should you allow for drawing when forming by bumping dies 1/2-1 inch
where should you start hammering when using die blocks? near the edges
When must a prior to use inspection be completed before use, or 1st time on any day
What should you look for when inspecting rubber hoses chafing, dry rot, cracks, wear
What guidance is used to determine equipment lubrication requirements AF directives or approved commercial data
What grit of sand paper is used when removing oxidation from bare metal equipment surfaces 400
What form is used to document equipment mx 244
What section of the industrial/support equipment record documents scheduled inspections III
What symbols are used to document equipment discrepancies on the industrial support equipment record. Red X, Red -, or Red /
When documenting equipment discrepancies on the 244,how do you document a scheduled inspection that is overdue Place a red dash in the symbol block
What's a ferrous metal any metal that has more iron than any other element
What's the general definition of "alloy steel" A steel that has one or more elements besides carbon and iron
What are examples of non ferrous metals aluminum, copper, magnesium, titanium
What are examples of ferrous metals gray cast iron, Chrome-molybdemum steels, carbon steel
How can the hardness of steel and aluminum be increased heat treat and cold working
What property of metal permits it to be hammered into various shapes with out breaking malleability
What property of metal allows it to return to its original shape after a load is removed elasticity
Why is brittleness and undesirable property because of the shock loads they are subjected to
What's the basic selection factor when selecting a particular metal for a given repair situation. strength and weight ratio
List three ways to reduce or prevent corrosion in metal use better grade of bare metal and coat the surface with thin coat of paint, tin, chrome and anodize
How is the tensile strength of metal stated PSI of a cross sectional area
What's meant by shock and fatigue resistance Resistance apart has to failure caused by repeated reversal of applied loads
If the only concern in joining one piece of metal to another is strength , which is the best method of attachment welding
How many basic stresses are there? name them 3, tension, compression and shear
Define the term "tensile stress" force per unit area tending to stretch a structural member
Which type of stress can be transferred across the plugged area if a tightly fitted plug is inserted in a drill member compression
shear stresses are applied in which direction sideways (lateral)
How does bending cause stress to act on a metal causes a tensile stress to act on the upper half of the metal and a compressive stress on the lower half
Where does the greatest stress occur when you're bending a piece of metal Along the axis of the metal being bent
How can the tensile strength of commercially pure aluminum be increased without alloying by cold working
in alloyed form, what's the weight of aluminum be increased without alloying 1/3 the weight of iron, slightly heavier than magnesium, somewhat lighter than titanium
Why is aluminum one of the most widely used metals in aircraft construction. because of high strength to weight ratio and comparative ease of fabrication
What is the best method to join aluminum riveting
What alloying element increases the possibility of corrosion in aluminum copper
What's the basic difference between permanent mold casting and die casting method by which molton metal flows into the mold die
What are the two types of wrought aluminum sheet stock heat treatable and non heat treatable
The amount of alcad coating on a wrought aluminum sheets depends on what factor Thickness of the sheet
What information should you include when remarking unused metal alloy, temper and thickness
What does 5052 indicate in Aluminum 5052-O alloy #
What does O indicate in Aluminum 5052-O temper indicator
What does the first number of the four-digit index system used for aluminum indicate major alloy element
What processes are used to develop-T6 aluminum alloys solution heat treat and artificial aging
Which aluminum tempering process is indicated by the temp designator H? Strain hardened
How is the thickness of aluminum shown on wrought materials thousands of inch
Where do you find heat treatable aluminum alloy on an aircraft structural parts of acft where strength is required
Which aluminum alloy is used in fabrication of most aircraft rivets 2017
Which heat treatable aluminum alloy offers the best results for welding 6061
How does alloy 7075 differ from the other high strength aluminum alloys main alloy is zinc instead of copper
Why are nonheat-treatable aluminum alloys cold worked to increase their strength they do not respond to any heat treatment by softening process
Which nonheat-treatable aluminum alloy has the highest strength 5052
Why are twist drills with more spirals per inch preferred when drilling aluminum alloys additional twists give more work action or force to the drill causing it to cut or feed faster and is helpful in removing ships especially in deep hole drilling ops
When drilling aluminum alloys what spiral angle for twist drills provides good results 47 degrees
When is a coolant or lubrication required when drilling aluminum alloys drilling holes 1/4" deep or more
How do you prevent scraping and wedging when you're reaming aluminum alloys by drilling holes that are .0005-..015" under sized
What's good, simple general rule to follow when sawing aluminum alloys spacing of teeth should be as course as is consistent with the thickness of the material being saved
Why is a noisy bandsaw more efficient than a quiet, smooth cutting bandsaw quiet smooth saws usually produce burnished surfaces accompanied by excess heat and consequently, decreased blade life
What type of blade set is recommended for cutting aluminum alloys with a hacksaw wavy
in which direction should metal be formed to prevent cracking across the direction of the grain flow
why must ample chip space be given when filing aluminum alloys to overcome clogging and binding problems
Why is titanium used in aircraft construction corrosion resistance, moderate strength and light weight
if titanium gives excellent results when used for aircraft parts, why isn't it used more widely high cost
why is titanium rated high in corrosion resistance natural oxide film on the surface
What happens to titanium if it's exposed to high temps diffuses into the metal and produces embrittlement and corrosion
What TO has information on the designations and identifications of titanium 1-1a-9
how is titanium's thickness indicated on titanium sheets thousandths of an inch
what tests are used to differentiate titanium from stainless steel spark and glass
What's meant by overallowance material added to the last dimension in shearing, which is later sanded off
What determines the amount of overallowance material thickness
in what direction must abrasive marks run on the edges of titanium as nearly parallel to the sheet surface as practicable
What happens if the grinding wheel used to grind titanium is not periodically dressed the wheel will have poor finish, high residual tensile as practicable
How do you minimize difficulties when grinding titanium? by using the proper wheels at low wheel speed and feeds, and by flooding the grinding area with a TO approved cutting fluid
What condition results from allowing a twist drill or saw blade to ride over the material being cut hardening of the material
Describe the recommended twist drill for drilling titanium short, two-fluted, high speed twist drill ground to a 135 degree split point
How do you remove long, deep scratches from titanium blend them out using an abrasive sheet or emery cloth 120 grit or finer
What type of coolant is desired when you're sawing titanium water salable
What methods can be used to join magnesium arc, electrical resistance, gas welding methods, adhesive bonding, riveting, bolting and brazing
Magnesium is very susceptible to what type of corrosion salts and galvanic corrosion
What are the physical properties of magnesium non magnetic, relatively high in electrical conductivity, has good dimensional stability and good fatigue properties
What test is used to differentiate aluminum from magnesium flame test
What must you never use to cut magnesium? Why? conventional shears and nibbler, because they produce rough, cracked edges
Why should the grinding equipment used to grind magnesium be marked "For magnesium only" Because of the danger of producing sparks with iron, steel, or other metals if these metals are ground on the same grinder as magnesium
Explain the meaning of the individual digits used in the SAE numbering system for steel 1st# indicates type of steel, 2nd# sometimes 3rd# usually indicates the approximate % of the principal alloying element, last 2#s sometimes three show the approximate carbon in 100ths of 1% (.01%)
What's the main difference between the SAE numbering and AISI coding system AISI uses a prefix indicating the process used in the manufacture of the metal
Why are specs given in both AMS an ASTM codes For procurement purposes
What's the best way to ID steels using the spark test method by observing the individual characteristics of the spark stream and comparing them with the characteristics of a spark stream from a known specimen
What are the characteristics of carbon steel surface hardness an strength
Which steel alloy has the characteristics corrosion resistance and hardness chromium
What type twist drills are commonly used to drill stainless steel high speed
When drilling corrosion resistant steels why do you control the speed of the drill to prevent hardening of the metal and excessive twist drill damage from heat
How can you overcome the poor heat conduction of stainless steel when you're drilling by using adequate lube or coolant
why are spiral fluted reamers preferred over straight fluted reamers for reaming corrosion resistant steels used to alleviate the chatter and difficult ship removal associated with the straight fluted reamers
Describe the recommended hand held hacksaw blades used to cut light and heavy sections of stainless steel high speed with about 32 teeth per inch for light work and about 24 teeth per inch for heavy work
What factors affect the amount of springback allowance for bending steel type of steel and temper condition
Describe the type of area for which sharp bend radii are not recommended areas where parts are subjected to flexing or to concentrated stresses caused by possible fatigue or stress corrosion failure
what results when corrosion resistant steel is heat treated after being handled with bar hands carburization and pitting of the surface
the clearance between the blades on a squaring shear used to cut steel is directly related to what particular feature of the metal being cut Thickness
When cutting steels on a squaring shear what procedures do you follow to prolong shear blade life lube with lightweight eng oil or soap at regular intervals
What's the most important factor in selecting substitute metal maintaining the original strength of the structure
Why is it necessary to check the specific -3 TO before selecting a substitute metal different manufacturers design structural members to meet various load requirement for specific acft
Resistance to buckling and torsional strengths of many sheet metal and tubular parts depend mainly on what physical property thickness
in flush repairs, how can you ensure the required strength is maintained if the strength cannot be maintained by using the original thickness of material increase thickness of the doubler or backing plate
when you're making repairs, when do you have to monitor the problem of weight control very closely and why? when making repairs on control surfaces; because of the balance problems involved
What three factors must you know about the material being replaced before you can accurately use the typical substitution method to fabricate a replacement angle material composition, metal thickness, proper forming angle
Give 6 reason s why composite bonded materials are replacing conventional aircraft construction materials diminishing natural resources, cost effectiveness, excellent fatigue and corrosion qualities, lighter than metal components, high strength to weight ratio, high impact resistance, increase LO properties
What gives composite bonded materials their outstanding high strength quality continuous filaments improved resins matrix materials, and ply oriented laminates (cross ply)
What is meant by cross-plied laminate construction # of plies and their individual up angles in relation to the first ply laid up
What part of composite bonded material is primary load-carrying element the filaments
What are the functions of the matrix in composite construction stabilizes slender filaments against compression instability, carries transverse & laminar loads in the indivudal layers, provides the body to the composition cured state, prevents filaments from drooping, & protects the filaments from abraision & erosion
A core is used to obtain a panel of high degree stiffness and separate the outer facings is what fiberglass Honeycomb
What consists of two or more layers of fiberglass cloth bonded together with the aid of heat and pressure laminate fiberglass
Properties such as the dielectric constant and loss of tangent are factors considered when fabricating this type of fiberglass assembly Honeycomb fiberglass
how is graphite/epoxy material manufactured dry condition in b stage resin
What two problems are inherent in parts manufactured from aramid/epoxy materials ultra violet radiation penetration moisture ingestion
What type of material is normally used as core material for metal bonded honeycomb assemblies aluminum foil
Which part of metal bonded honeycomb panel is the loadcarrying member Facing (skin)`
What are the three main surface designs of metal bonded honeycomb assemblies Flat, tapered, combo of flat and tapered
What is the bay portion of a honeycomb panel flat section
Which area of a honeycomb panel is considered the transition area between the flat and panel attachment
What plastic retains its shape until it becomes useless from deterioration or damage thermosetting
What plastic can be reheated and reshaped more than once thermoplastic
What plastic has characteristics similar to those of sulfur and sealing wax thermoplastic
Plastic used in transparent enclosures and combat type acft are generally made of what material acrylic
How are plastic sheets marked (usually) plastic type, mil spec and thickness in thousands of inch are clearly marked on the protective masking paper sheet found on both sides of the plastic sheet
how can you distinguish between plastic and plate glass lightly tap on the material with a small blunt instrument; plastic makes a dull or soft sound and plate glass will make a metallic sound or ring
What's the purpose of a drawing to convey an idea from a designer to the person who produces the end result
Why is the proper interpretation of a drawing essential it must enable you to manufacture or repair an item to spec
On a blueprint where is the title block located lower rh corner
What seven types of info can be found in the title block of a blueprint materials need, spec tolerances, drawing scale, heat treating requirements, notes on the finishing required, complete print ID, bill of materials
Why are zone numbers placed on a blueprint to help locate a particular point
What's the name of the longest horizontal dimension of a plane figure length
What's the name of the longest horizontal dimension of a plane surface at right angles to the longest dimension width
Which type of line is the basis for comparing the weights of all other lines visible outline
What type of line consists of lightweight alternating long and short dashes with a long dash on each end invisible outline
What type of line consists of lightweight alternating long and short dashes with a long dash on each end centerline
How do extension lines differ from dimension lines Extension lines do not have arrow heads on the end
What's the purpose of crosshatch lines indicate two separate parts meet at a given point
What's the function of a leader line indicate part or area to which a number, note, or other ref. applies
What are the three general groups of dimensions overall, position, detail
How are numbers positioned in a vertical dimension so they can be read from the bottom of the drawing
What is the preferred method for showing the diameter of a circular part of an object using extension lines outside of the circle
How many dimensions does a surface have two, length and width
What determines the number of surfaces shown on a drawing shape of object
How many views of an object are usually shown on a projection drawing 3
What type of view is used to show the true measurement and appearance of an inclined surface auxiliary
Why is it difficult to find curved surfaces in orthographic drawings because you are looking at the top, bottom and side of an object at a 90 degree angle to the surface looking directly at it
How many vies of a rectangular box does an orthographic projection usually show 3
What views of a box are shown in an orthographic projection top, front and side
How do the various views of an orthographic projection align top view directly above the front view and side view directly to the right of and inline with the front view on the same plane
Often, isometric drawings are used with what other type drawings orthographic
How is an object positioned and projected in an oblique drawing put parallel to the plane of projection and projected to that plane by oblique lines
What objects are best presented by oblique drawings objects with irregular outlines
What is meant by the term "mold point"? How is it used? Point of intersection of the lines extending from the outside surfaces; In measuring overall dimensions
What's the difference between degree of bend and radius of bend the formed position of the material after forming; radius of ben is the bend in the metal measured on the inside of the curved material
Why is it necessary to determine the amount of setback allowance to determine the dimension of the flats
Why should the grip length of a bolt be a few thousandths of an inch shorter than the material thickness prevent nut from bottoming out
What factors do you use to determine the length of a bolt overall length, including grip and threader parts
What are the two methods for IDing bolts bolt head marks and p/n designation
Where do you look if you cannot ID the code marked on the head of a bolt 1-1a-8
What kind of information does the part number designation give you about a bolt type, diameter, length of grip, and if head or shank is drilled
Why must bolt holes not be oversized or elongated the bolt will not be able to carry its shear load causing part to be deformed
When can you drill or ream the hole to accommodate an oversize diameter or the next larger bolt if the larger hole does not weaken the part
How can you avoid stripping the threads of a bolt during installation don't over torque
How can you use a scribe to aid in removing screws remove dirt and paint to facilitate easy screw removal
How can you remove stuck screws Use the fastener removal tool or fastener extractor by drilling and using a screw punch
What method is not authorized for screw removal? Why? Impact procedures like a pneumatic hammer, it causes damage to the acft structure and skin
Which screw removal method is primarily designed for use on flat surfaces fastener removal tool
When using a fastener extractor what's is the first step in removing a screw Drill a hole in the center of the screw
How should you tap a screw punch when removing a stuck screw and why lightly, heavy blows can cause you to skip the screw head and damage the structure
How can you ID a nut that has no ID markings P/N, luster and color, construction and thread size
What nut requires smaller size wrenches to install point wrenching nut
What nut is used with clevis bolts and thread taper pins shear nut
What nut is installed in regular drilled holes barrel nut
What nut is used where an assembly is frequently removed wing nut
What nut has a bearing surface that is usually counterbored internal wrenching nut
What nut is used in inaccessible places nutplate
what nut is a multiple nut assembly channel nut
What nut is designed to be secured with safety wire or cotter pins castle nut
What nut is used as a locking device for set screws check nut
What nut requires an auxiliary locking device plain nut
What are the two types of self locking nuts that you are most likely to use on an acft prevailing toque and free spinning
What type of wrench is preferred for nut install sock and box end
What temp limitations should you consider when installing nuts non metallic <250 degrees, cadium plated <450 degrees, cres nut <800 degrees
How can you prevent fatigue failure in bolted assemblies sufficiently tightening the bolt and applying proper preload or clamping force
How can you reduce the tendency of parts to creep or shift when installing bolts follow proper torque spec
What factors can alter standard torque chart values thread roughness, paint, lube, hardening , and plating
What are the three main parts of a camloc fastener stud assembly, grommet and recpticle
What should you never do to a camloc stud disassemble it
How can you determine the grip length of a camloc stud # stamped on the head
What should you use to replace a rigid receptacle floating type
What should you do after you punch the hole for the grommet deburr and sand edges smooth
If it is required when do you install a stud retaining ring When the stud is installed into the grommet
What is the last step of camloc install check grip length of the stud
What are the three main parts of an airlock fastener stud, cross pin, recepticle
how can you determine the grip length of an airlock stud head markings
how do you determine the proper stud lengths for floating and rigid receptacles 1-1a-8 and acft specific TO
What is the final step in airlock install Check alignment and fastening the airlock stud
How can you correct a misalignment of an airlock fastener fasten studs in different order, install longer stud (.010-.020") longer, make stud hole slightly larger, r2 rigid type with floating receptacle
When replacing an airlock fastener, what part are not reused cross pin and stud
What action can you take to prevent burrs and chips from lodging between sheets assemble and clamp all repair members in place
How do you prevent chamfering when deburring hols deburr only outside of hole
how do you drill a hole that requires an interference fit pilot drill and ream to fit
What can you do to keep a hole from becoming elongated when countersinking correct size counter sink and hold microstop perpendicular to face of metal
What is the purpose of cold working hole expansion prevent premature fatigue
What cold working method increases the fatigue life of the fastener holes 3-10 times greater than holes not cold expanded split sleave
What is material stackup? Why is it important? combined thickness of a structure at holes location or total length of bore, used when determining correct tooling
What are three important fatigue indicators to look for when examining a hole for cold working holes out of round, cracked and tapered bores
What is the difference between a combination gage and a final hole gage combo- can check the pre cold worked holes and cold worked hole. Final- can only verify final hole
When should you not use a hi-shear rivet When grip length is less than diameter of pin
Regardless of the method used to find the required grip length for a repair situation, what must you remember about the straight potion of the hi-shear pin Shouldn't extend more than 1/16th" beyond the material
Why is it very important that the holes drilled for hi-shear rivets be very accurate they don't expand during install
When is it necessary to spotface the area under the head of hi-shear rivets? when is it necessary under the collar when surface isn't level and when surface isn't perpendicular to the center line of the rivet hole by more than 5 degrees
What happens when you over countersink hi-shear fastener holes gaps are formed between the head and surface of the countersink holes
When do you drive hi-shear rivets from the manufactured head side when space limitation won't permit the use of a rivet gun on the collarside
What must you do if the grooved end of the hi-shear pin is below the surface of the material before installation use longer length pin
How long do you continue the driving action when installing a hi-shear rivet until the collar is properly formed and excess collar material is trimmed off
how should you hold the chisel when removing the collar of a hi-shear rivet at right angles to the collar
What situation would require you to use a stump type lockbolt in place of a pull type lockbolt Where clearance doesn't permit install of pull type lockbolts
When using lock bolt fasteners, what must you do before you measure the depth of holes to determine the grip length required clamp material tightly together
What should you do after the parts to be joined are secured firmly into position ream holes to final size IAW TO specs
What action can you take to adjust the grip length use a lockbolt one length longer or shorter install washers under the collar
How long do you apply driving pressure when installing a stump type lockbolt until collar is fully formed
What is the last step when installing pully type lockbolts apply a corrosion preventative compound to the stem break off area
how do you inspect an installed pull type lockbolt go no go gage
When do you remove stump and pully type lock bolts by drilling off the manufactured head when the collar isn't easily accessible
What hi lok fastener would you install in an acft area that is below 600F? 600-1200F? Titanium; Cres
How do you determine proper grip length on hi lok and hi fatigue fasteners ensure the material is tightly clamped together, then usa a pin protrusion gage to measure pin protrusion or grip scale measure material thickness
When are you permitted to used two washers under a hi lok collar to meet pin protrusion limits when washers are 0.16" and do not exceed .032"
When preparing a hole for a hi lok or hi tigue what must you do after drilling deburr the edge of the hole
How do you drive the pin into an interference fit hole tapping the head with a plastic mallet or by driving with a light rivet gun
How do you install the collar on the pin of a hi-lok fastener manually screw the collar approx. 3/4 of a turn where a min of 2 threads are engaged on the pin
When three conditions should you check you're insp the manufactured head of installed hi lok fasteners surface contact, counter sink fit, aerodynamic smoothness requirements
What corrective action do you take when you find a collar with wrench marks during post install insp replace locking collar
when is an Allen wrench not needed to hold the hi lok pin during removal when hi lok fasteners have been pressed or tapped into interference fit holes
What fastener is authorized to replace a taper lok none
What are two types of taper lok fasteners standard and injection
What basic information is provided by the head markings on standard taper lok fasteners taper lok group and series, material thickness, diameter of pin manufacturer
What dose the second dash number on the head of an injection type taper lok fastener represent depth of injection port on the shank of the taper lok in .010" increments
Where is the grip length for a taper lok shown on a taper lok fastener bottom of pin
What's eliminated by having the nut and washer used on a taper lok fastener configured as one unit washer nut assembly eliminates washer fumbling in hard to reach areas and does away with washer being dropped and lost in inaccessible and critical areas
how can you ID the type of material from which a solid rivet is made markings on the head of the rivet
What should you do when riveting thin material to prevent the repair area from sinking inward properly adjust the rivet gun for diameter rivet being installed and use the correct weight bucking bar
How do you prevent parts from slipping during riveting operations ensure part is secured firmly in position with skin fasteners
What rivet install sequence is not recommended starting at one side and working towards the other side
What do you do if you find a rivet ship head that is 1/4 of the shank's diameter R2 rivet
How do you adjust the microshaver press micro shaver against a flat piece of scrap while the cutter is turning, if cutter leaves a mark continue to adjust until the cutter is approx. .002" above the metal
How do you determine grip length of a jo bolt when you know the thickness of the parts being fastened consult grip length table in acft TO or 1-1a-8
For best results, how should you prepare jo bolt holes drilled undersized and ream to final size
What extra install step must you take for millable jo bolts shaved to meet flushness requirements
When do you inspect millable jo bolts for looseness before they are shaved
How do you inspect a jo bolt for looseness nose adapter attached and torque wrench and turn CC direction to the specific torque found in the TO
What do you do when replacing mechanical lock blind bolts and find the existing fastener holes consult specific ACFT TO for corrective action
When installing mechanical lock blind bolts how do you prepare the holes to provide the best results Pilot drill the holes then ream to final size
What is the last step in the mechanical blind bolt installation process insp blind bolt for proper install
What three specific areas of the manufactured head do you check when inspecting an installed mechanical lock bolt? Fit of the manufactured head against the work surface, position of locking collar, and position of pin
List the five tools you use to remove a mechanical lock blind bolt drill motor w/ a max1250 RPM, one twist drill, drill bushing fixture, two punches, pin and sleeve, adjustable micro limit cutter
When removing mechanical lock blind bolts when do you counterbore the sleeve after knocking out the pin
What type of mechanical lock blind rivet do you select to fasten thin dimpled sheets together bulbed
What actions can you take to prevent improperly drilled holes for mechanical lock blind rivets Drill holes to diameter specified in the TO, hold drill 90 degrees, do not use unnecessary pressure when drilling, keep burrs and chips from lodging between the sheets and clam material to be drilled tightly together
When installing mechanical lock blind rivets what tooling should you use to ensure the best results use install tools from manufacturer of rivets being installed
What factors influence the type of installation tools you should use when you're installing mechanical lock blind rivets quality of rivets to be installed, accessibility of the work area, availability of air supply, and size and type of rivets installing
at what time in the install sequence of a mechanical lock blind rivet does the stem break off flush with the head of the rivet once shop head if formed and stem is locked in the rivet
What's the main cause when the stem of mechanical lock blind rivets to break off at what position in relation to the manufactured head above manufactured head
How do you shear the lock when removing a mechanical lock blind rivet driving out the pin with a tapered steel drift pin
How are composi lock fasteners installed by toque feed control
What is the difference between a composi lok and composi lok II fastener composi lok II fasteners are designed with a drive nut which reduces install time and tooling required to install fastener
What tool do you use to install composi lok fasteners pneumatic pistol type install tool with a variety of nose adapters
how do you inspect the fastener after install using a stem break off gage and ensure measurements are within TO specs
In what type of repair situation are you most likely to install pull thru blind rivets when R2ing Hardware such as nut plates and channel nut assembles in blind and limited access areas
how can you prevent the fastener hole from becoming misaligned when installing a nutplate with pull thru rivets clamp the nut plate tightly against the surface of the material during rivet install
After you rivet a nut plate or channel assembly in place using pull thru rivets what must you do to make sure the install was done correctly hand start the required screw or bolt used in the nut plate, checking the nut plate alignment and rivet install
What are the steps in removing a pull thru rivet drill off the head of rivet and punch out the rest of the sleeve
The helical form taken by the wires in the strand and by the strands in the cable lay or twist
the center of the strands wire center
each individual cylindrical steel rod or thread wire
each group of wires helically twisted together strand
has a cable or wire rope twisted or laid around a separate wire rope IWRC
the distance parallel to the axis of the strand or cable in which a wire or strand makes one complete turn about the axis pitch
has a single, straight strand made of preformed wires strand center
has wires and strands shaped before fabrication of the cable preformed type
a group of strands helically twisted or laid about a central core cable
What are the three types of cables available flexible, non flexible and nylon coated
what's meant by the term 7x19 cable 6 strands of 19 wires each lad around a center strand with 19 wires clockwise
Which type of cable has the greatest service life nylon jacketed
What type of cable may be substituted for Composition A, carbon steel cable Composition B, cres cable
What is the inspection frequency for a substitute cable 1/2 the time of normal insp
A metal loop by which cables may be attached to a unit shackle
Used to change cable direction bellcrank
mating terminal for an eye terminal fork terminal
prevents chafing of cables at points of attachment thimble
may be used as a cable stop swaged ball terminal
used to reduce vibration in long stretches of cable fairlead
function similar to that of a bellcrank sheave
used to adjust cable tension turnbuckle
sets cable assemblies in motion actuator
What action must you take when one broken cable wire is found in a critical fatigue area r2 cable assembly
What is a critical fatigue area working strength of cable where it runs over under and around a pulley or sheave or through a fair lead. Any section where the cable is flexed, rubbed or worked in any manner and within a foot of swaged terming fitting
What action is required if you find a kinked cable during an inspection repair or r2 cable
What action do you take if your inspection reveals a cable with surface corrosion that has not reached the internal part of the cable remove external corrosion with a clean dry coarse weave rag or fiber brush and sparingly apply corrosion preventative compound on the assembly
What method cannot be used to cut cable? Why? torch, heat can melt and distort the cable end
What would you do to prevent a cable from unraveling when you're making a cut? how would you make the cut? Wrap cable with masking tape and cut cable in the middle of the tape so a section of tape remains on each end of the cable
What do you check for during the first step of swaging cables end of cable is square cut
If you determine the terminal is bent more than the allowable 1/2 degree after completing a swaging operation, what action can you take to correct the problem? place terminal securely on a vise and straighten with a small mallet or moderate pressure with jaws or vise
To properly conduct a pull test on a locally made cable assembly, how much pressure do you apply and for how long? 60% of min allowable breaking strength, 3 mins
What should do if the cable does not pass the pull test re-fab it
What type of material do you use for the repair of ventilation conduits aluminum alloy 1100
What type of material do you use for the repair of low and medium pressure lines alu alloy 5052-o and 6061-o
What type of material do you use for the repair of external brake lines corrosion resistance stainless type 304
What type of material do you use for the repair of a high pressure aluminum tubing assembly alu alloy 6061-t
What type of material do you use for the repair of instrument lines alu alloy 1100
What type of material do you use for the repair of landing gear lines corrosion and resistance stainless 304
What type of hardware in included in an AN standard fitting AN 818 nut and AN819 sleeve
What determines the size of AN tube fittings = outside diameter of tubing
What operation ensures an effective seal between the tubing and sleeve on a flareless tube fitting presetting
How can the material composition of tube fittings be ID'd by the color
The corrective action for the depth of nicked area on steel tubing is equal to 25% of the wall thickness r2 tube
The corrective action for a dent on a straight section of the tubing that's less than 15% of the tubing diameter repair tube
The corrective action for a nick has be burnished out on the heel of a bend in a piece of aluminum tubing r2 tube
The corrective action for a dent is on the heel portion of a bend r2 tube
The corrective action for a nicked area on a straight section of aluminum alloy tubing is equal to 10% of the wall thickness repair tube
To properly manufacture a replacement piece of tubing, what would you use to determine the correct angles and bends of the new piece of tubing use damage tubing as a forming template
If tubing connections are in a straight line between two points, what must you do to the replacement piece of tubing install a bend in tubing
what do you do to avoids deforming or causing excessive burring when you're using a tube cutter apply only light pressure to the cutting wheel by intermittently twisting the thumb screw
What type of saw blade is used to cut tubing 32 teeth per in
how would you hold tubing to properly cut it using a hacksaw place tubing on flaring lock and clamp in vise
what cleaning agent can you use to clean the inside of a tubing assembly TO approved cleaner/solvent
How do you locate the start point of a bend on a piece of tubing having only one vend radius estimate amount of metal needed to make end and more material for flare
how do you develop the starting points of bends in an original piece of tubing having more than two bends by positioning the original tubing in the tube bender as if you were going to bend the tubing. Use the 0 degree make on the radius block as a guide in marking the starting point. Each bend is marking in this way.
How do you develop the necessary distance between two bends on a replacement piece of tubing by placing the replacement and original tubing side by side, as close as possible and marking the starting point located earlier on the original tubing onto the replacement tubing
What's the largest diameter tubing you can bend on the mechanical tube bender 3/4"
how do you apply the tube bending force when you're using a mechanical tube bender turning a hand crank geared to the forming die
What do you use a mandrel on a production tube bender bending thin walled tubing
When using a production tube bender, what can you do to aid in producing a perfectly rounded tubing cross section move the mandrel slightly forward of the required alignment point
How do you adjust the slide block when you're using a production tube bender adjust the slide block firmly against the tubing, but not with sufficient pressure to prevent the slide block from sliding through the slide block vise jaw
State the work procedure you'd take to eliminated the following problem tubing is flattened move mandrel fwd
State the work procedure you'd take to eliminated the following problem tubing is kicked tighten clamp block more firmly
State the work procedure you'd take to eliminated the following problem tubing is wrinkled use mandrel in tubing
State the work procedure you'd take to eliminated the following problem tubing separates upon bending move mandrel backward
To properly use a filler material to aid in bending tubing, what actions should you take regarding the ends of the tubing plug or flatten or solder metal discs to them
How do you form the tubing once the filler material is placed in the tubing bent over a forming block shaped to the radius specified in the TO
What type of flare or flares do you use with a three piece solderless union single or double
how far above the sleeve should the flare extend about 1/16"
if you produce a flare that's too short, what corrective action do you take to correct the problem cut off and reflare
If you produce a flare that's too long, what corrective action do you take to correct the problem cut off and reflare
how can you check the squareness of a tube before you begin a flaring operation by using the back edge of sleeve fittings
What action can you take to aid in setting the exact cutting position of the head assembly adjusting screws against ends of tool holder
how are you protected from the bits and flying chips produced by the squaring burring operation by the overhand on the outer edge of the head assembly
how is the tubing held in place during the squaring burring operation same dies used to flare the tubing are used
where do you set the stop finger during a squaring burring operation adjusted sufficiently beyond flaring dies to avoid danger of blades coming in contact with flaring dies
how do you adjust the flaring cone on a single flaring machine for carious diameters of tubing by matching the tube outer diameter mark on flaring center with index line on spindle head
how do you position the flaring dies into the vise jaws of the single flaring machine slide into channels on vise jaws and lock in place by turning knurled circular key into are slot in flaring dies
to properly flare a ice of annealed, thin wall, aluminum tubing, how do you adjust the rate of speed? To what setting do you set the speed? turning crank on the side of machine while motor is running, a full rotation setting
State the correct action for the following flaring defect, flare wall is thinned out adjust spindle travel
State the correct action for the following flaring defect, flare surface is rough reduce rotation speed
State the correct action for the following flaring defect, flare is too large adjust the stop finder
State the correct action for the following flaring defect, flare is split reduce rotation speed
What can you use in place of the presetting tool standard flareless fitting connector
normally, how many turns of the nut is needed to sage the sleeve to the tubing when using MS fittings tighten nut to the # of turns specified in the TO instruction. Normally one full complete turn + an additional 1/16th of turn
Which part of an MS fitting cannot be reused sleeve
How much of the cutting lip of an MS sleeve should be embedded in the out surface of the tubing after swaging .003-.008"
What are the limits of sleeve movements allowed after you've swaged the sleeve of an MS fitting in place sleeve may rotate around the tubing with 1/64" longitudal movement
What basic steps must be done to a permaswage repair cutting, deburr, tube end prep, and fit install
What must you inspect on the chipless cutter before you do any cutting operation ensure the ratchet operates freely and cutting wheel is clear of the cutter head opening
What is the result if you place too much side pressure on a chipless cutter handle while cutting a harder piece of tubing cutting wheel wears excessively or breaks
What function does the elastic plug serve during the deburring operation prevents chip generated during the deburing operation from entering tube
What's the procedure for checking to see if the tubing has been deburred enough without depressing plunger, east tool from tube until 1st bulge of plug is exposed and wipe off tube end and inspect it
how do you prepare the end of the tubing for the permaswage tubing repair method marked it using a marking tool provided to correspond to diameter of tubing being repaired
what happens if you elect a swaging tool that's too large insufficient swaging
how do you position the yoke over the fitting to be swaged when you're performing the swaging operation so the silver side of the yoke is closest to the end of fitting be swaged
What happens if you don't "snug up" the knurled nut before you begin the swaging process yoke deflects excessively during swaging, resulting in destructive stress patterns and possible failure of tool
how do you position the fitting on the tubing some portion of mark is visible
What tooling makes up the dynatube repair system tube expanders, holding fixture dies and gages
what does the ID band on a dynatube expanding indicate tooling p/n, tube outer diameter, wall thickness and specific material for which tooling was designed
Besides a clean, square edge, what else is recommended for a tube end prior to installing a dynatube fitting 60 degree chamfer on inside diameter
What's the purpose of the min straight length on a tube provides mandrel clearance and assures adequate amount of undisturbed cylindrical tubing at fitting is maintained
Why must you place the collar thumbscrews 15 to 45 degrees front he parting line of the dies prevent damage to dies
when can you reswage a tube assembly using the dynatube repair method never
What are the names of the three marks you must make when you're using the tube marking template verification, positioning, inspection
Which one of the above three marks do you use when you're placing the new fitting onto the tube positioning
how do you position the DAT on the fitting for swaging so fitting groove is bottomed against swage tool and ring is nested with in jaws
How much shop air pressure is required to run the pump min 80 psi
name the three conditions you must inspect for after you've completed a swaging operation proper tube insertion, ring position, possible fitting anomalies due to swaging
What are the three different types of wiggins couplings used full, half, and shape fitting
what wiggins series fitting are rigid 8300 series
what determines the type of install procedures you will use on Wiggins fittings series fitting being swaged
What should you inspect after installing a wiggins fitting ferrule is tight on the tube, is square on the tube, and was not damaged during swaging and make sure the sealing surface has not been disturbed by the split swage blocks
Where can rynglok fittings be used every material and wall thickness of tuving used on acft with hydraulic operating systems up to 8k psi
how should you prepare the tubing before installing a rynkglok fitting tube should be clean of any foreign debris and there should be no flats spots, scratches, or nicks and make sure tubing end is square and the outside and inside of the tube has been properly deburred
how much access is required for a rynglok universal assembly tool 180 degrees
how do you position the rynglok fitting on the tube before install use position mark and position edge of unswagged fitting over mark
what do you use to inspect the rynglok installed fitting rynglok insp gage
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