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English to French

dispising, contemptuous: showing lack of respect, disrespectful, scornful, rude, without taking respect méprisant
contemptuously: disrespectfully, rudely, 'with lack of taking respect' avec mépris
moving from country to another کوچ migrant, (~)
native, aboriginal, indigenous*, autochtone indigène
illegal(ly) illégal(ement)
oppressed, subjugated, downtrodden, (vb. downtrod لگدمال کردن) Trodden down. opprimé
developed (one p) développé (two p's)
industrialized industrialisé
underdeveloped sous-développé
in the process of development, developing, (lit. in way of ..) en voie de développement
discriminatory, (=discriminating) discriminatoire
racial racial(e), adj
racially, relating to race, (lit. on the racial aspect/plan*/intention) 'sur le plan' racial
egalitarian, one wanting social equality and equal rights for all égalitaire, (adj, m)
full of prejudice (pl), prejudiced plein de préjugés
'deprived/stripped from all', (poor, destitute) démuni de tout
miserable, wretched, poor misérable
unhappy, unfortunate, miserable, sad malheureux
precarious, (:uncertain, unsafe, unstable, depending on the care and intention of another) précaire
desperate(ly) désespéré(ment)
rejected rejeté
dying from hunger, starving mourant de faim
well-fed, well nourished bien nourri
ill-fed, badly nourished mal nourri
scanty, scarce, insufficient* insuffisant
scarce, insufficient, (lit. little abundant) peu abondant
abundant, plentiful abondant
sympathetic, benevolent*, kind bienveillant
sympathetically, (lit. with benevolence) avec bienveillance
compassionate compatissant, (vb. compatir)
awful (-lly), terrible (-lly) affreux
fearful, dreadful, frightening (-ly) épouvantable, (-ment)
fearful, frightful, appalling effroyable,(-ment)
ruthless(ly), pitiless*(ly) impitoyable(ment)
merciless, unable to be calmed/appeased/quietened, ~ implacable, (adv -ment)
to own, possesse* posséder
to show off / put on table, place or lay out, (eg. ~ his wealth) étaler, (ex. ~ ses biens)
to despise, disrespect, disregard, scorn, insult, disdain, (Faute de celui qui se méprend mépriser, (nb: se méprendre: to misunderstand, mistake)
to deprive, strip off / (syn. démunir) priver
to dispossess déposséder
to need avoir besoin de
to beg mendier
to reject rejeter
shelter, underground bomb shelter, bunker; refuge, shed / (vb to shelter) abri, m, (vb abriter)
to fail / (syn. rater) échouer
to die from hunger*, starve mourir de faim
to intervene, (:intervenir), place oneself in between, to intermediate, to interpose oneself s'interposer
to distribute, to deal out distribuer
to furnish*, provide, to supply fournir
to sooth, relieve soulager
to exploit, take advantage of, profit illicitly, to make someone sweat exploiter
to toil, work hard* travailler dur
to discriminate (against), make discrimination (against)* faire de la discrimination (contre)
to segregate, practice segregation* pratiquer la ségrégation
to flee, escape fuir
to migrate, to displace oneself* se déplacer
to emigrate émigrer
to revolt شورش کردن se révolter
to oppress opprimer
to torture torturer
to suppress, crush, put an end to réprimer
to crush*, surpress خرد کردن écraser
to conquer conquérir
to exterminate exterminer
to decimate: massacre, kill 9/10, exterminate décimer
to outlaw, (lit. to put out-the-law) mettre hors-la-loi
to deport déporter
to displace déplacer
the affluent society, rich and wealthy, (lit. the abundance society) la société d'abondance
a status symbol, (lit. a sign of social success) un signe de réussite sociale
to become enriched, grow (get) rich s'enrichir
to make a fortune faire fortune
the standard of living, (lit. the level of life) le niveau de vie
to exert/exercise pressure (pl) on/over exercer des pressions sur
high-income brackets, (the divisions/pieces/cuts, chops*/parts/ ranges of raised revenues) قشر پر درآمد les tranches de revenus élevés
low-income brackets, (the range/category/division/chops* of low income) قشر کم درآمد les tranches de revenus bas
gap, (a growing/widening ~ between rich and poor) écart, m, (un ~ grandissant entre les riches et les pauvres
to be in dire straits, (lit. to be in a desparate situation) être dans une situation désespérée
to go busking, (=to beg for alms/charity while playing the music) mendier en faisant de la musique
state allowances, (lit. allocations of the state) allocations de l'état
social benefits les prestations sociales
unemployment benefits, (lit. the unemployment allocation) l'allocation chômage
to seek (look for a) shelter chercher un abri
the urban poor, (lit. the poor of the towns) les pauvres des villes
to feel rejected/excluded (:exclu) se sentir rejeté
to live on the fringe (=margin) of society vivre en marge de la société
fringe (=marginal) groups les groupes (de) marginaux
refugee camps des camps de réfugiés
to dispatch/send/expedite emergency relief/aid expédier de l'aide d'urgence
financial aid (pl) des aides financières
to starve to death, (lit. to die from hunger) mourir de faim
the innocent civilians les civils innocents
the 'starving' Ethiopian populations les populations 'affamées' d'Ethiopie
beggars can't be choosers, (lit. someone that demands cannot choose) qui que démande ne peut choisir
displaced populations des populations déplacées
to flee/escape the oppression fuir l'oppression
sweated workers, (lit. exploited workers) des travailleurs exploités
slave wages, (lit. misery salaries) des salaires de misère
migrant workers des travailleurs migrants
an illegal imigrant, (lit. an immigrated clandestine) un immigré clandestin
an immigration quota un quota d'immigration
an anti-immigrating feeling/sentiment* un sentiment anti-immigrés
to be deported back home (lit. to be deported in one's original country) être déporté dans son pays d'origine
to feel discriminated against, (lit. to feel the object of discrimination) se sentir l'objet de discrimination
to be racially prejudiced, (lit. to have racial prejudices) avoir des préjugés raciaux
an Indian reservation, (lit. a reserve of Indians) une réserve d'Indiens
political exile l'exil politique
to be under foreign rule, (lit. to be under the foreign authority) être sous l'autorité (la domination) étrangère
to be under someone's thumb (= stroke, blow) être sous la coupe de quelqu'un
to suppress a revolt / (an uprising) réprimer une révolte / (un soulèvement)
to deprive someone of his liberty priver quelqu'un de sa liberté
the heart le cœur, m
the stomach l'estomac
the skeleton le squelette
middle shoulder size / width of the shoulders or back of a coat / too narrow a dress / the build, stature, shoulders چهار شونه la carrure
the skeleton, backbone, frame, structure, vertebral column ossature, f
flesh chair, f
the throat la gorge
a lung un poumon
the breath l'haleine, le souffle
sweat, perspiration la sueur
a hair un cheveu, un poil
a tear (drop of water when crying) une larme
a fist un poing
strength la force
balance l'équilibre
exhaustion, having used up, dried up, run out, all solutions tried l'épuisement
a giant un géant
a dwarf un nain
a handicapped, cripple un handicapé
the blind, (pl) les aveugles
a stride, highest distance between the two limbs une enjambée
a leap, a jump (le saut) un bond
an attempt, trial to succeed a test une tentative
hearing, hearing faculty ouïe, f
touch le toucher, m
smell, smelling organ odorat, m
healthy, in good health, (lit. carrying well) bien portant
unhealthy, sickly مریض maladif, adj
lively vif
sound, healthy, well sain
exhausted, used up, dried up, run out, all solutions tried épuisé
smart chic, élégant
ravishing, lovely, seducing ravissant
graceful gracieux, (-euse)
seducing, seductive, attractive séduisant(e)
well-built bien bâti
slim, thin mince
dextrous, clever, intelligent, skillful, ~ / ant. awkward, clumsy adroit
awkward, clumsy, unintelligent, lack of address / ant. clever, skillful maladroit
stiff, solid raide
gigantic gigantesque
brisk, spirited, full of life, lively animé, vif
clean propre
tidy, (ant. untidy) ordonné, (ant. désordonné)
rough rude, grossier
soft, (ant. hard) doux, douce, (ant. dur)
smooth / (maths) regular lisse
(having strength) well muscled, muscly, being muscular, athletic, beefy, powerful, strong musclé, (pp of muscler)
of or relating to muscles, muscular musculaire
composed of muscular fibres (fibres musculaires), which has a lot of muscles (a beaucoup de muscles) musculeux, -euse
broad-shouldered, (broad, wide, large) پهن از شونه‌ها large d'épaules
blue-eyed, (lit. blue at the eyes) aux yeux bleus
bald (-headed), hairless chauve
fit, in form en form
fair-haired بلوند blond
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