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Spring Framework

Overview of Spring for Interviews

What is Spring Initializer Like a template or Maven architype, Spring Initializer allows you to choose the features that you desire to have in your generated application shell.
How would you create a Rest Controller @RestController : simplifies the process of creating RESTful web services. A specialized version of @Controller. Convenience feature to add both Controller and ResponseBody annotations
What is Spring Boot Autoconfiguration Helps w/ app. configuration, such as beans, Entity Manager, Data Sources, Dispatcher Servlet See spring-boot-autoconfigure.{version}.jar Looks on the classpath to find things to configure see @Configuration
Give an overview of how you would integrate Hibernate/JPA with Spring Boot When we use Hibernate/JPA, we would need to configure a datasource, an entity manager factory, a transaction manager among a host of other things.
What are some of the high-level concepts of Spring Framework Dependency Injection makes it easy to develop loosely coupled, testable applications.
What is a Spring MVC Dispatcher Servlet All Spring requests go through this 'Front Controller' which sends requests to the correct specific Spring MVC Controller
What is a Spring MVC View Resolver Spring provides View Resolvers, which enable you to render models in a browser without tying you to a specific view technology. Enables you to use views such as JSPs, Velocity templates, XSLT, etc. UrlBasedViewResolver
What are some goals of Spring Boot Spring Boot aims to enable production-ready apps quickly The web server is integrated into to the application... make Jars not WAR
How would you create a Rest Endpoint @RestController public class MyController { private static final String template = "Hi, %s!"; private final AtomicLong counter = new AtomicLong(); @RequestMapping("/greeting") public Greeting greeting(@RequestParam(value="name", defaultVa
What is Spring Actuator Enables Advanced Monitoring and Tracing of applications Exposes HAL standards-compliant services as REST
How would you create a new Web Service @Service public class MyService { @Autowired public void setMyEntity(MyEntity entity) { this.myEntity = entity; }
How does Java Configuration Like XML, Configuration can also be performed in Java @Configuration public class HelloWorldConfig { @Bean public HelloWorld helloWorld(){ return new HelloWorld(); } }
Give an example of testing using Spring @RunWith( SpringJUnit4ClassRunner.class ) @ContextConfiguration( classes = { ApplicationConfig.class, PersistenceConfig.class }, loader = AnnotationConfigContextLoader.class ) public class SpringTest { @Test public void method() { ... }
What is Spring MVC Like Struts, adds a way to handle requests. Client > Request > Dispatcher Servlet > Handler Mapping > Controller > [View] > [DispatcherServlet] > Response > Client
Created by: rjpelletier