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Singles Release ext

Warm and Cool Acrid Herbs

Ma Huang Warm Acrid, Release ext. dispers wind cold, facilitate lung qi to control wheezing, promote urniation.
Gui Zhi Warm Acrid. Release ext. promot sweat, warm meridians move the yang, invig. chest yang, warm SP, KI, HT yang, warm the middle
Zi Su Ye Warm Acrid. Release exterior, move qi and expand chest, harmonize middle jiao, used during pregnancy, seafood poinsoning
Jing Jie Warm Acrid. Relieve ext. and expel wind, vent rashes stop itch, stop bleeding
Fang Feng Warm Acrid. Release ext. expel wind, expel wind-damp and relieve pain, expel wind relieve spasm
Qiang Huo Warm AcridExpel wind disperse cold, eliminate damp and relieve pain, guid qi to Taiyang and DU
Gao Ben Warm Acrid. TX vertex H.A. Expel wind-Cold, eliminate dampness and relieve pain
Bai Zhi Warm Acrid. Expel wind and relieve pain=face pain/yang ming pain, open nasal passages, epel dampness and alleviate discharge=vag.
Xi Xin Warm Acrid. Expel wind disperse cold-ext. int., open up nasal orifices and relieve pain, warm LU tranform phlegm, disperse cold, alleviate pain.
Sheng Jian Warm Acrid. Relieve ext. and disperse cold, warm MJ, warm LU stp cough, reduce toxicity, adjust Ying and Wei qi.
Cong Bai Warm Acrid. Release Ext. induce sweat, disperse cold unblock yang, relieve toxicity disperse clumps.
Xiang Ru Warm Acrid. Relieve ext. expel summer heat t/f damp, promote urination.
Cang er Zi Warm Acrid. disperse wind dispel dam, open nasal passages, dispel ext. wind.
Xin Yi Hua Warm Acrid. dispel wind and cold, open nose
Bo He Cool Acrid. Disperse Wind heat, cear head and eyes ben. throat, vent rash, sooth LR qi and relieve depression
Niu Bang Zi Cool Acrid. Disperses wind-heat and ben. throat, vent rashese, detox, moisten intestines
Chan Tui Cool Acrid. Disperse wind-heat vent rash/itch. brighten eyes, extinguish wind and relieve spasm.
Sang Ye Cool Acrid.Disperse wind-heat clear heat from LU and moisten LU, nourish clear LR and brighten eyes, cool xue and stp bleeding.
Ju Hua Cool Acrid. Disperse wind-heat, clear LR and brighten eyes, calm LR extinguish wind, clear heat detox.
Man Jing Zi Cool Acrid. Clear and ben. head and eyes. disperse wind-heat. Stp pain in upper part of body. (only seed to move up)
Chai Hu Cool Acrid. Disperese wind-heat and relieve fever(wind-heat or cold fever), spread LRand relieve constraint, elevate yang qi.
Sheng Ma Cool acrid. elevate yang-qi, clear heat and detox, relese ext. vent rash.
Ge Gen Cool acrid. Clear ext and release muscles(stiff neck), vent measles, produce bdy fluid and relieve thirst, elevate yang and stp diarrhea, HBP
Dan Dou Chi Release Ext, eleminate irritability
Created by: tonyatigart