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DVAD Review


What are some characteristics of educational television? non- profit/ free, funded by grants, support or replay classes
first color television was demostrated in what year? 1946
What is the percentage of jobs in non- broadcast television? 95%
Describe Ratings size of the viewing audience & potential viewers who may see an advertiser’s post
what do codecs allow? compress large files
Who pioneered Sound effects? Jack Foley
what are characteristics of audio feedback? sound from speaker enters mic and creates a loop of sound, creating a screeching sound
who must you obtain permission from before using unrecorded sheet music? from publisher
what writing style should be used for script writing? -should be written the way people speak, uses informal language, short/ less -complex sentences
What is an over-the-shoulder shot? two people talking in the frame, one person’s and the back of the other person’s head are visible.
Describe the “rule-of-thirds” tic-tac-toe ; used for focal points
what does the iris of a camera control? (aperture) the amount of light entering the lens/ camera
What is the purpose of the playhead in the NLE mark? the current position in the timeline
describe the Ken Burns Effect process of zooming in/out or panning left or right to create with a still photo
what is libel? defaming someone’s character
what is a rundown order of organization of stories
compare and contrast hard news - soft news S- audience wants to know but does not have to (know) H- serious and timely stories that the audience NEEDS to KNOW
Describe a reporter’s “beat” specific topic or area (subject) each reporter reports
Created by: diavian1