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ClientFeedback A clients input on how they think you did on a project
AdobePhotoshop A program that specializes in manipulating photos
ProjectPlan A list of steps used to execute a project neatly and timely
Schedule Setting dates for project phases and objectives
Deadlines Dates at which an objective should be completed
ColorScheme A collection of specific colors that will be used on a project
An audience in which you want to sell to
Trademark A mark legally registered or used by a company to let people know that it isn't available for anyone to use unless the company allows it
Typography The style and how words look on a project
.GIF Supports simple transparency
.JPEG Full color graphic format
.PNG Supports advanced transparency
.TIFF Versatile color type that can use a variety of color formats
How design elements are arranged either horizontally or vertically on the canvas
BitmapGraphics Use square pixels arranged in a grid that have assigned colors
CYMK For printing
Color Helps identify objects in a design; creates a visual flow
ComplementaryColors Colors that are across from each other on the color wheel
Contrast Two very different things
Emphasis Gives something that "umph"
Hue The name given to a color
Kerning The space between letters
Leading The amount of vertical space between the lines of a paragraph
Lines Give direction to a design
Proportion A size relationship between components of a design
Readability How easy or hard it is to read something
Resolution Describes the clarity of Bitmap characteristics
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