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French irregular v.

French irregular verbs

To go Aller Vais, vas, va, allons, allez, vont
To have Avoir ai, as, a, avons, avez, ont
to drink Boire Bois, bois, boit, buvons, buvez, boivent
to lead, drive conduire conduis, conduis, conduit, conduisons, conduisez, conduisent
to build construire conjugated like conduire
to cook cuire conjugated like conduire
to produce produire conjugated like conduire
to translate traduire conjugated like conduire
to know conna(i)tre---(^ accent on top of i) connais, connais, conna(i)t, connaissons, connaissez, connaissent
to appear, seem para(i)tre---(^ accent on top of i) conjugated like connaitre
to appear appara(i)tre---(^ accent on top of i) conjugate like connaitre
to run courir cours, cours, court, courons, courez, courent
to believe croire crois, crois, croit, croyons, croyez, croient
to owe, have to devoir dois, dois, doit, devons, devez, doivent
to say, to tell dire dis, dis, dit, disons, dites, disent
to sleep dormir dors, dors, dort, dormons, dormez, dorment
to go away, leave partir conjugated like dormir
to serve servir conjugated like dormir
to go out, leave sortir conjugated like dormir
to write (e)crire (accent egue) ecris, ecris, ecrit, ecrivons, ecrivez, ecrivent
to be (e)tre (^) suis, es, est, sommes, (e)tes, sont
to do, to make faire fais, fais, fait, faisons, faites, font
to be necessary falloir il faut
to read lire lis, lis, lit, lisons, lisez, lisent
to put mettre mets, mets, met, mettons, meettez, mettent
to allow permettre conjugated like mettre
to promise promettre conjugated like mettre
to open ouvrir ouvre, ouvres, ouvre, ouvrons, ouvrez, ouvrent
to rain peuvoir il pleut
to be able (can) pouvoir peux, peux, peut, pouvons pouvez, peuvent
to take prendre prends, prends, prend, prenons, prenez, prennent
to learn apprendre conjugated like prendre
to understand comprendre conjugated like prendre
to receive recevoir (cecedia) re(c)ois, re(c)ois, re(c)oit, recevons,recevez, re(c)oivent
to know, to know how savoir sais, sais, sait, savons, savez, savent
to come venir viens, viens, vient, venons, venez, viennent
to become devenir conjugated like venir
to come back revenir conjugated like venir
to see voir vois, vois, voit, voyons, voyez, voient
to want, wish vouloir veux, veux, veut, voulons, voulez, veulent
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