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Art Final Exam 2

What art style is "Rouen Cathedral: The Portal"? Impressionism
Rouen Cathedral Claude Monet
The Thinker Auguste Rodin
Mary Cassatt American Impressionist artist, "Mother and Child"
Arrangement in Gray and Black No. 1: The Artist's Mother James Whistler
George Seurat used what technique? Pointillism
Edvard Munch Tragic events, "The Cry", "The Scream"
Diego Rivera Mexican muralist, married to Frida Kahlo
Pablo Picasso Inspired by African masks, realistic to cubist, blue period, "The Old Guitarist"
Who was not a (Post)-Impressionist artist? Dali
Frida Kahlo Mexican artist, self-portraits, married to Diego Rivera
Degas Ballerinas
Henri Matisse Fauve for "wild" use of color
Where are the Caves of Lascaux located? France
What are shown on the Caves? Animals, hunters
Is the Venus of Willendorf a painting or sculpture? Sculpture
What does the Venus of Willendorf represent? Fertility
Who was the first artist in history whose name is known? Imhotep
Linear perspective Technique that involves lines meeting at a vanishing point
Joseph Turner "Snowstorm: Steamboat off a Harbor's Mouth" - inspired Impressionist movement
George Seurat Pointillism
Name an Impressionist artist. Manet
What movement/style did "D' Avignon" inspire? Cubism
Describe Surrealism Subject matters are unusual and illogical
Name a Mexican artist Frida Kahlo
Diagonal Compostition Mondrian, primary/black/white, geometric shapes/straight lines, nonobjective
Name a pop artist Andy Warhol
Name an artist who paints in a nonobjective style Piet Mondrian
Which art style was influenced by African art? Cubism
Jackson Pollock "Lavender Mist", drip paintings
Christo Wrapped objects
Name an artist who has painted landscapes? O'Keeffe
d'Avignon Picasso, 1907, began Cubist movement
Cubism Picasso, 1907, geometric shapes
Who was the most famous Surrealist artist? Salvador Dali
Which artist's sculpture sold at Sotheby's auction house? Giacometti
Frida Kahlo Bus accident, self-portraits, married to Rivera
Characteristics of Guernica Large, protest painting, neutral colors
Nude Descending the Staircase Rhythm/motion, abstract, "an explosion in a shingles factory"
I and the Village Chagall (Russian)
Oppenheim Created Surrealist sculptures
Adams Photographer of nature (Yosemite)
Dorothea Lange Migrant Mother, photographer in Great Depression
Who married O' Keeffe? Stieglitz
Rene Magritte "Time Transfixed" - train from fireplace
What artist was influenced by the Great Depression? Lange
The Steerage Stieglitz
Bosch Weird/puzzling symbols, "Garden of Delights"
Caravaggio Churches sometimes refused his art
Arnolfini Wedding Eyck, symbolism, realistic use of light
Descent from the Cross Weyden, S-curve, Mary's hand is almost touching Adam's skull
The Tower of Babel Resembles Colosseum, based on Old Testament, Bruegel
Albrecht Durer Signed/dated work, documented himself in self-portraits, woodcut/copper engraving
Hans Holbein Court painter to Henry VIII, skull on French Ambassadors, realistic fur/velvet
Baroque Art 1600 in Rome, leading figures were architects, ornate
What artist shows his David in action? Bernini
Venus of Willendorf Fertility sculpture, found in Austria, limestone
Cromlech Round grouping of stones
Created by: archergirl
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