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The Metamorphosis

Text Questions for the Metamorphosis (Parts I, II, & III)

What is Gregor's first reaction to his transformation? After Gregor's transformation into a "monstrous vermin," he thinks he may return to his normal state if he goes back to sleep.
Who visits Gregor on the first morning of his transformation? The office manager represents the outside world from which Gregor is isolated. With his arrival at the Samsas' apartment, the modernist theme of alienation surfaces.
How would you describe Gregor's relationship to the office manager? Gregor dislikes and fears him.
Was Gregor happy in his life before his transformation? Explain. Gregor was not happy before his transformation. He disliked his job but felt obligated to keep working to support his family.
In what ways are Gregor's parents indebted to Gregor's boss? Mr. Samsa owes Gregor's boss money.
What does Gregor seem to fear will happen to his family if he loses his job? If Gregor loses his job, the family will not be able to repay the debt.
How does Gregor's family react to his transformation? Gregor's family is shocked and confused. (Mother- protective love/Father-angry/Sister- compassionate)
In what ways do the differences in their reactions set up a challenge for this family? The family must sort out their conflicting feelings to adjust to a new situation.
Why do you think neither his family nor the office manager ever questions whether the creature before them is actually Gregor? Kafka does not want his readers to question the plausibility of the transformation, so he does not allow the characters to question it.
Which details, if any, in Part I suggest that Gregor's physical transformation is an outward expression of an alienation he has already experienced both at home and at work? Explain. Through Gregor's metamorphosis, his isolation has manifested itself in an extreme physical form.
Do you think Gregor's inner sense of self has changed as a result of his physical transformation? Explain. No, Gregor still thinks, worries, and responds as a human.
What surprising news about the family's finances does Gregor learn? Gregor learns that his family has money to live on.
With what mixed feelings does Gregor react to this news? Gregor is relieved, but disheartened.
What does this news suggest about Gregor's alienation from his family even before his metamorphosis? The news shows that Gregor was already alienated from his family who kept this information from him.
Each time Grete enters Gregor's room, how does she react? Grete hurries straight to the window, opens it, and stands breathing in the fresh air.
What does her reaction suggest about the condition and smell of the room? Bad odor
In what ways does this situation emphasize Gregor's isolation from humanity? Gregor is repulsive even to his own sister (isolation)
Which item in his room is Gregor determined to keep? Gregor is determined to keep the magazine picture of the woman in the fur hat and boa.
What emotions, relationships, or desires might this item symbolize to him? Explain. The picture might symbolize a relationship with a woman or Gregor's human life. The glass symbolizes Gregor's alienation from humanity.
Why might Grete's parents have seen her as 'useless" prior to Gregor's transformation? Grete did little but play the violin.
In what ways has Grete changed as a result of Gregor's transformation? She has become more responsible and courageous in caring for Gregor(as has Mr. Samsa's appearance)
Are the changes in Grete positive or negative? Explain. These changes are positive and demonstrate her strength of character.
How do you feel about the Samsa family's treatment of Gregor? Explain. Very badly: Gregor is seriously wounded by Mr. Samsa (apple) Sympathy for family (stress)
What does Gregor do when he hears Grete playing the violin? Gregor inches closer to be near Grete.
How does Gregor explain his own actions to himself? He feels that the music is the nourishment he craves. Gregor explains he is indifferent to everything, including the feelings of others.
In what ways might this scene represent Gregor's desire to hold onto his humanity? Gregor's sudden passion for his sister's music shows an intense desire for human companionship and a will to assert himself.
What do Gregor's parents and sister discuss when they leave the apartment at the end of the story? On their trolley ride to the country, the Samsas discuss their future prospects.
Is the family better off without Gregor? Explain. The family's better off without Gregor, permitting them more flexibility and forcing them to assume responsibility for themselves.
At the story's end, what is the state of Gregor's body? Gregor's body is thin and wasted away from a lack of food.
Which details in the story support the statement that Gregor suffers from a profound lack of nourishment, both physically and emotionally? Gregor was neglected both physically (food) and emotionally (isolation)
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