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Employment Law

The party who pays another to perform a job or service. Employer
A party who agrees to perform a job without being supervised. Independent Contractor
The relationship that states an employer or employee can end the work relationship at any time. Employment at Will
The duty that states an employee must have the experience or knowledge necessary to perform his job. Duty of Reasonable Skill
The law that establishes minimum wage and maximum hours worked. Fair Labor Standards Act
The insurance fund that compensates employees for their injuries on the job. Workers' Compensation
The tort committed when an employee is fired for a reason that is discriminatory or in retaliation for participating in lawful behavior. Wrongful Discharge
Money paid by the government to workers who have lost their jobs through no fault of their own Unemployment Compensation
Illegal employment agreements that employers forced employees to sign promising they would not join a union. Yellow-Dog Contracts
The government agency that administers the rights and duties given to workers, employers, and unions. National Labor Relations Board
The acknowledgement by the government that a union has been formed and is the exclusive bargaining agent. Certification
Laws enacted by some states that affirms an employee that does not want to join a union does not have to pay fair-share fees. Right-to-Work Laws
The process by which the union and the employer negotiate a contract of employment that binds both sides. Collective Bargaining
What negotiations are when both sides cannot come to an agreement. Deadlocked
Employees on strike patrolling an employer's property with signs. Picketing
A refusal to buy or to use someone's products or services Boycott
A job requirement that is truly essential to the business that compels discrimination against a protected class. Bona Fide Occupational Qualification
The result of a business policy that looks neutral but eliminates more members of protected classes than members of the majority. Disparate Impact
When one thing is exchanged for another in an employment situation Quid Pro Quo
The law that forbids discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, or sex. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act
The category of employees who are not subject to the overtime rules of the Fair Labor Standards Act. Exempt Employees
Law that provides minimal standards for employee safety and health Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA)
The number of weeks an employee can take off from work to take care of a serious need under the Family and Medical Leave Act 12
Method used by the business to pressure a union to bargain. Lockout
Intentional discrimination Disparate treatment
Firing an employee who has filed a grievance with the EEOC is illegal. True or False? True
The law preventing discrimination based on the pay of men and women performing the same job. Equal Pay Act
The law that prevents discrimination against those aged 40 years or older. Age Discrimination in Employment Act
Employers must provide accommodations to a disabled employee regardless of hardship. False
Sexual harassment cannot occur between members of the same sex. False
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